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Spring Outfit Formula

20 Pieces–Hundreds of Outfits

Hello, Reader Dearest!

Now that it’s officially spring AND since I’m the kind to take an idea and work it to death (Beyond death, possibly…), I decided (Like I mentioned in this post.) to try and create myself a Spring Outfit Formula Array. A kind of pick this, pick that and VOILA! Outfit! (Hopefully.)

It’s NOT a capsule, although… It could be one. It’s certainly a great skeleton for one! (I’d need more tops to balance bottoms, for sure.) If you don’t know what I mean by that, read more about Wardrobe Balance, here.

You choose from what’s in your closet already! No Chambray/Denim Top?

If it’s just not you, no worries! Find something with the same relaxed vibe.

Can’t find a denim or chambray top AND Chambray/Denim Top sounds good? Looks like you’ve identified a Wardrobe Gap!

What’s a Wardrobe Gap? Well, exactly what it sounds like: It’s a piece that would make many of your other pieces play together more nicely in the wardrobe sandbox. Maybe your gap is a great colored necklace. Or a fun scarf. Or a pretty printed top with colors that work with more than one bottom you already own.


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Let’s Start!

Where did the items on this-pick list come from? That’s easy! I started with my Spring/Summer Daily Dozen. First I sorted each piece into categories, tops, toppers and bottoms, shoes and accessories. Then, I made a few adaptations. And additions.

Like what? I changed item 6. Animal Print Skirt, for something more versatile–A Knee Length Skirt, because not everyone is into animal print AND maybe I’m not feeling animal print myself this season. WHAT? (I may need professional help.) After making things more general, I added enough pieces to round out each category.

Show Me Some Outfits


I could see this combo #onrepeat!

Shorts will work well here once the weather starts shouting SUMMER!

Grabbing an Easy Breezy Dress in breathable cotton is always a good idea on a hot day! Pair it with Flat Sandals for a casual vibe and grab the jacket for those air-conditioned spaces. Accessorize with bold hoops and a simple bangle.

White Top AND Jacket? I know the Jacket will only last for the morning chill, so the White Top will still look cute with the Scarf, Jeans and Heeled Sandals when the sun gets to work.

I’m bookmarking this to wear with my cutoffs when the weather gets HOT!

How about a Knee Length Skirt topped with a Denim/Chambray Top to keep it casual? Let’s sash it with a Lightweight Scarf, pop on a Bangle and slip into those Walking Shoes for all day comfort in style!

Who says a silk blouse has to be dressy? Not me! AND it’s light and breathable. Simply leave an extra button undone and roll the sleeves for a casual look paired with Blue Jeans, Nude Flats, a Small Necklace and Big Hoops. Feeling daring? Knot your silk blouse at the waist!

And that’s just the beginning…

Do the Math

If you choose your color palette well, you’re set for the season!

Let’s multiply our 3 Bottoms by the 4 Tops to get 12 different combinations. Then, each of the 12 could be worn with each topper. That brings us to 24 outfits. Now multiply that 24 by 5 pair of Shoes to get 120 outfit options. Is that enough for a season?

Next, we’ll tackle that Easy Breezy Dress–The dress on its own is one outfit. Topper it and you have 3 outfit choices. Multiply those 3 by the 5 pair of shoes to get 15 more outfit options. (And I haven’t even tried a dress over jeans!

120 + 15 = 130 Outfits. What happens when you start adding accessories? Well, I hope that I don’t have anywhere near that number of brain-dead days this Spring AND Summer.

How About You?

Have you ever done the Working Wardrobe Excercise? (I’d encourage you to start! Today! There’s no reason to wait for the first of the month.) Do you know your Daily Dozen? What would you like to wear more of this spring and/or summer? What style challenges do you find the warm months bring? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

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