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Happy day, my dear reader!

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, my apologies. This post is geared toward my fellow Northern Hemisphere denizens. If you are heading into fall and winter, maybe this post will be of more help? I’m excited about spring! I’ve got my capsule wardrobe planned, and (for the most part) in place, I’m even channeling warmer weather by wearing a pair of sandals today… Although my toes were a little chilly for my morning Instagram shot, it warmed up later in the day!

Last week, I talked about an easy style refresh by Adding 5. Today I have 5 Trends for Spring Summer 2020 that would certainly make for a quick 5 to add. BUT ONLY if they work for your personality style and body shape! I’ve included a top, a bottom, and three accessories, because you know me… I think accessories are the quickest way to up your style ante or play with a new trend for not too much cash.

Puffy Sleeves/Sleeve Details

This spring/summer is seeing the return of the blouse, and am I one happy woman about that! There is so much to say about the figure flattery of a blouse over a tee. This season’s puffy shoulders and sleeves are fabulous for helping balance an A Shape, and to create curves for an I Shape. Wider sleeves are also a welcome find for women with strong arms! The large busted and/or V Shaped woman may need to watch the volume and pleating on many of these tops as they can stand away from the top half creating unwanted bulk. Style tip: If you wear volume on the top, keep the bottom narrow.

Wide Legged Trousers and Jeans

We are seeing many different kinds of wide legged trousers, so generalizing is difficult! A trouser jean (vice a skinny) for my clients who are self-conscious about their hips and thighs is a hit! I love them for my A Shapes, especially with a tiny flare at the bottom to help balance the hip. One trick for trousers is to sew closed those slant pockets that pull or gape. Paperbag waist trousers and shorts are making a comeback, as are pleated wide legged trousers. Pleats and paperbag waists can look fabulous on a waisted figure, but if your tummy is a concern, give them a miss. Also, those high paperbag waists can end up right under your bust if you are short-waisted, another miss. If you are long waisted, enjoy the hit! Style tip: If you choose volume on the bottom, keep the top slim.

BIG Chains

I LOVE this one…
Not an ad! I’m just sharing because it makes me happy…

Huge chain necklaces and collar necklaces were all over the runways and are making their way into the big box stores. My favorites are the colorful acrylic ones I’ve been seeing. They simply shout SUMMER, and are a fabulous way to add color to an otherwise neutral outfit. There’s a reason a short colored necklace is one of my 7 Style Staples! Style tip: In the case of these oversized necklaces, less is usually more. You don’t need to pile on more necklaces or large earrings. Let these speak for themselves. Or in this case for you!

Not only are we seeing big chains for the neck, but they are making their way back to the waist as well! (More about that below…) These are a win for so many women!


The waist is making a comeback this season! Belts are tricky for many… In general, the waisted shapes wear belts more easily than unwaisted shapes, but there are ways to finesse this! The easiest belts to wear are the fabric self belts we are seeing on trousers, jeans, dresses, and tops. They create waist definition without shouting. A belt in a contrasting color draws more attention. Chain belts are also having a renaissance. Since they are easily adjustable, they can be worn at the waist or the hip, depending on where you clip them.

HUGE Totes

Like the kind you could carry a toddler in! There’s a reason starlets carry BIG bags. They can help the wearer look smaller in proportion. But these huge bags can overwhelm a petite carrier. If you are the woman who fills any bag you carry, beware! You’ll need medical attention after a few days of carrying the kitchen sink. I have the names of a couple of great chiropractors if you need… This year’s huge totes are softer and less structured than previous iterations. That big straw tote you bought last summer? Grab it again and run with it. Just know we’re not seeing all the pom pom dangles this year…

BONUS: Macramé

I had to include this one because we are seeing all kinds of macramé, crochet and open crafted knits. I love the straw macramé bags, and the airiness of some of the knits. I can skip the crocheted bikinis I remember from the 70’s though… (Getting the accent on those e’s just brightened my whole day! Such is the life of a language geek.)

So how about you? Do any of these trends for Spring/Summer float your boat? Or do you want to run and hide from them all? Do let me know in the comments below! I so love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Want to find a good neutral bag for spring and summer. I like all 3 of the bags you shared but would never be able to find anything with that much room to lose things in!! Oh, the ruffles. So feminine. And I love my wide leg pants.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thank you for visiting, Leslie! I have a love/hate relationship with those big bags… I need(ed?) a big bag or two for work appointments, but like you, hate when everything falls to the bottom and gets lost. I’m trying a new toy to see if that helps; I’ll let you know if it does! I’m not much of a ruffles woman, but I love the softness. Praying you stay safe, sound, and sane! XO

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