Capsule Wardrobing

Spring/Summer 2023 Capsule Inspo

Happy day, Dearest Reader!

Today’s post should be short.

How am I feeling about Spring/Summer 2023?





That’s it.

Stylishly yours,

Liz K.

Really? That’s it?

Sooooo… You might ask. How does that translate?

How It Might Work

Just some stream of consciousness–direct brain to keyboard stuff–going here… I’ll start by pulling out all my blue and white dresses. (Why blue and white? Well, the picture above AND the fact that every summer I gravitate there.) I’ll grab all the denims, bottoms and tops: the everyday items I wear on repeat. These pieces will create the foundation of my wardrobe. Then, like the house above, I need to add some color–pinks/reds and greens to add life. Think accessories, jackets and maybe a top or two. I don’t need entire outfits (or even columns) of these colors. They are simply splashes.

Notice I Said Might

That said, it could all come apart whenever I get out my out-of-season storage box and shoes. I’ll be tweaking it some more over the next few weeks, but right now it’s feeling like this…

What’s Different?

Well, if you look closely at the Capsule Inspo image, you’ll see it says Spring/Summer versus Spring, like it would have in the past. Since I strive to shop twice yearly (Does this always work? No. Do I keep trying? Yes.), I also want to simplify and plan twice yearly. Will twice yearly planning vs. seasonally work? Maybe? We’ll find out. Or I may be SO sick of these looks by the end of May that I want to burn it all and start from scratch. Why May? Because I don’t run my capsules on calendar quarters and you don’t have to, either! You do what works for you! Yes, I will switch out items for the hotter weather that comes in summer, but I’d like to keep the vibe. It’s all an experiment from which to learn!

How About You?

What’s the weather like where you live? Are you thinking spring or is it still far off? What color palette do you gravitate towards in the warmer months? Is it always the same? Do tell! I love to hear from you… (And have saved you a special spot here on the interwebs! XO)

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    Interesting color combination, I had a similar one in mind a year or two ago. Looking forward to the actual capsule.


    So glad your back Liz!!! The weather here is unusually chilly for us now!! In March we will warm up to summer weather but not the hot weather as summer just warm sunny skies!!! I wear certain colors I tend towards every summer being the soft pinky-coral, salmon, peach, coral , watermelon, tourquoise, soft, yellow , red, and always khaki, navy and white!! This is my color family for summer!!

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