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3 Spring/Summer Style Shortcuts

Super Easy Warm Weather Outfit Recipes

Happy day, Reader Dear!

It happens to all of us.

Those brain dead days where we have to cover our nakedness and just don’t have the energy.

Often, that means throwing on something uninspired that leaves us feeling even less energetic than when we started. You know…

Like most of 2020/21.

I’m hearing from quite a few women that they are having a hard time digging out of the C19 dressing slump.

Even if you aren’t struggling, those brain dead days can come on at any time, so what’s a woman to do when she wants easy-peasy style?

(Yes, I’m talking to the sleep deprived and pre-coffee’d.)

Outfit Recipes to the rescue!

Here are three super easy recipes for spring/summer. Feel free to adapt them as you need for your Body Shape, Style Personality and climate!

What’s an Outfit Recipe?

An outfit recipe is a combination of items (that you already own) that you pair together on repeat because they are easy and versatile. Notice that I don’t list colors or prints/patterns; that limits what you can do. That’s where your own wardrobe and preferences come in!

Chicken + Rice + Veggies would be a dinner equivalent. It’s the spices you add and how you cook the meal that makes it an Asian inspired stir fry or a comforting casserole like Grandma used to make.

So let’s get cooking three super easy and adaptable Spring/Summer Outfit Recipes!

Read more about Outfit Recipes and other Style Shortcuts here.

Cropped Jeans + Blouse + Scarf or Layered Jewelry

Choose whatever jeans you like! I have white, blue and faded black/grey in my closet. No, cropped jeans are not the most flattering on a petite, but I’m okay with that. I like the air circulation and the more feminine look of bared ankles. There’s a reason that was such a thrill a century ago! Swapping in a blouse for the typical grab of a tee levels this look up and takes it anywhere. Prefer a collar on your blouse? Wear that. Short sleeves or no sleeves? That works, too! Choose a shoe that makes you happy. A Colored Shoe would rock with all these neutrals…

I wear this combination on repeat! It’s my Chicken + Rice + Veggies. This outfit inspired the post!

When the weather gets too hot for jeans (AKA: This week.), I’ll swap in shorts and keep moving…

Trousers + Sneakers + Tee

A winter variation of this recipe is Trousers + Sneakers + Sweater. Tuck as you like! I can see this tee half-tucked, gathered through a belt loop or just left easy if the shirt hem is short enough. Accessorize in any way that makes your heart sing. I can imagine a statement necklace, huge hoops, or a scarf. You do you. Please!

Slouchy or trim? Go for the trouser and tee that works best for your body shape! I’d love this with a narrow tee and a wide legged trouser for my A Shaped ladies!

Easy Dress + Flats or Flatforms

I love a dress. Why? Well, there’s a whole post about that, but in short form? There’s a dress for every body shape, occasion AND a dress has air circulation that other clothes lack. Here in Georgia, that’s a must. Add a fun pair of earrings and you are done!

Here’s a recent variation of the recipe:

A jersey (tee shirt) dress is probably one of the easiest you will run across AND is great for packing, too! When I taught in the classroom, Dress + Boots + Scarf was on regular rotation. How regular? Two to three times weekly… A rut? You might call it one but I had a variety of dresses, boots and scarves, so it never felt that way!

STYLE TIP: Choose a dress that does all the work for you… A fabulous color or a fun pattern are all great ways to make it easy! A dress is one-and-done; you don’t need to worry about coordinating it with everything else.

How About You?

Who doesn’t have those brain dead days? On what Outfit Recipes do you rely? Do they change with the seasons? Can you adapt them across the seasons? Can you see yourself in any of these? How will you make it work for you and your style? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    You wear those cropped trousers so well. I bought a pair a couple of years ago in a beautiful tobacco brown. They were a very heavy denim…almost like cotton duck. But they looked silly on me. Or at least I felt like they did. Maybe they were just to heavy and stiff? Anyway, I like yours very much.

    And your print shorts. What a great print with so many pretty colors. They ‘read’ almost like a skirt. Thank you for showing us how to take a successful outfit formula for one season and adapting it for another.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Leslie! And you are most welcome. Cropped trousers can be hard on petites. It’s important to get the leg length, shoe and top hem length right to keep from looking like you are standing in a flowerpot!

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