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Spring Summer Trends 2019

Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

Happy day, dear reader!

It’s starting to feel like spring around here, and planning my spring capsule should be front of mind, but for some reason this year, it’s not. Last spring I did an 80/20 Capsule, based on the Pareto principle, and normally I’d be chomping at the bit to start planning next season’s capsule. But not this year… I would chalk my lack of enthusiasm up to busy-ness, but I think it’s more a case of feeling less than thrilled by last fall’s Spring/Summer 2019 showings. I don’t look to the shows to find a new wardrobe. I’m no runway chaser, but I do love to see what the designers are thinking, and where trends may be going. Rather than a shopping list, it’s a place to find inspiration and new ideas for ways to play with my own wardrobe! This coming season, for me, there’s more leave ’em than love ’em. It seems to be a season of extremes…


There are a lot of style vibes out there… One might say something for everyone! You can choose from the redux of 80’s neon and 80’s silhouette–think big sharp shoulders…Or maybe you prefer the feminine prairie trend that has carried from fall/winter into spring. For spring, the prairie trend has more floral softness, and less cowboy chic. Lest you think this is a Gunne Sax revisit (Yes, I’m dating myself here!), I’d say no. This go around has simpler lines, and less embellishment. If neither 80’s nor Prairie appeals, there’s the Utility vibe, with work style jumpsuits (AKA: Boilersuits) and lots of tan/olive with pockets. Then throw in the Blazer-with-Bike-Shorts thing. I’m still not sure who that works for…

Something for everyone makes for one very disjointed visual!
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When Pantone released their color report for Spring/Summer 2019 (post here), I was excited about all the rich colors, and I still am! This year there are some amazing colors for warms! Not so much for us cool complexions, though… Another color trend for S/S 2019 from the runways is more neon (Working that 80’s flashback.) which suits almost no one. So I expect my personal pickings will be slim…


Thank goodness for spring’s perennial favorites, stripes, florals, and a polka dot or two. I can get behind all of those; I have old favorites I can “rediscover,” that will feel fresh again. I’ll break out my striped sweater, keep my floral dress in the rotation and pull out my (years old) floral pumps. I’ll dig to the bottom of the box and try my polka dot dress again. There’s still lots of animal print, so that’s a nice carryover. Pick your animal and love on it. Leopard, cheetah, snake, it’s all there. And last, but not least, there is tie-dye. Everywhere. If tie-dye is your thing, this will be your year. Shop up!


Bucket hats anyone? This is a trend I might dip a toe into… Inexpensive, fun, and practical. Covers bad hair days, cools the scalp, and protects the face (a little) from sun. Win times three. If you prefer a gigantic hat, those are out there, too! As a matter of fact, all kinds of oversized accessories are on a roll. Gigantic earrings are everywhere! Especially fringe (again), and new this season, acetate at every turn! I love these pieces because they are colorful AND lightweight! Not an earring aficionado? Huge pendant necklaces and collars, enormous rings, and bold cuffs will be easy to find. In the handbag department, there were totes big enough to hold a small child, and then teeny-tiny multiple bags too small for anything more than a credit card or a lipstick. I know they don’t go anywhere without their phones. Where do they keep them?

Tie Dye AND a Bucket Hat! Two trends in one…
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This may be the part I’m most excited about… Eyebrows that look like eyebrows are back! Thank goodness for the return of fresh, dewy skin, and one accented area, lips or eyes. I can leave the metallic lips behind, but the clean faced look with a stained lip? Bring it on. Even the bizarre anything goes eye colors were fun paired with a bare face and gloss-only lip. The sculpted plastic faces all over Insta may just make their way into the background… We with cool complexions can run with the pink everywhere and flushed cheeks look!

Lots of gold and bronze shadows will look amazing with the sunrise/sunset/desert colors above. And apparently, bronzer is making a comeback. Not a serious scultpted look, but applied for a glow. Warm complexioned ladies have this one covered. Of course the bold red lip is still popular, and if rings of black eyeliner are your thing, don’t be surprised to see lots of others rocking it, too.

What I May Hit

Inexpensive fun: Green or Purple eyeliner. I already own them; now to get more confident with them. Bucket Hat– This can be found for $10 or less. That’s a cheap and cheerful update! Now to choose between pink and silver…

I need a new pair of jeans and am thinking about wide legs, even if they aren’t my most flattering look. I saw some creamy colored ones at Land’s End that I might need to try… The plus to the color and cut would be that they will look dressier than my old Levi’s for those last minute meetings when changing clothes isn’t an option.

The boiler suit/utility vibe could be fun to play with. If a chambray one falls in my path, I’ll try it on to see. You never know what is going to strike your fancy. One piece dressing sounds like a good idea lately. I have noticed a pattern of wanting simplicity in the spring. My first Simple Style post was a March post, and I wonder if this is a seasonal thing! Capsule wardrobe-ing and blogging have made me more aware of the cyclical nature of my sartorial whims! (AND less likely to make unwise choices for buying and purging…)

Last month I splashed out on a pair of enormous (for me) earrings, so I have the oversized jewel thing covered. I’m thinking about keeping my eyes open for a really big necklace, maybe beaded?

These lovelies are a definite HIT! Image from Premier Designs.

What I’ll Likely Miss

This is all about personality! Please take this all with an entire shaker of salt. If my miss-its are looks you love and work for you, run with them! Bike shorts with a Blazer are not for most of us, but I do love shorts and a blazer/jacket in our hot summer weather. It may look odd to others, but I can run around in shorts and a top to stay cool, and throw on the jacket for when more professional is in order. My style personality skews toward the feminine, but the Prairie Dresses aren’t my version of feminine. I love them on others, but they just don’t feel like me.

I’ll ignore all the gorgeous sunrise/sunset colors that are out there, they don’t do me any favors. For the same reason, I’ll skip the bronzers and gold eyes. I don’t feel left out. I’d rather same my money for when something I love AND works for me comes around on the fashion merry-go-round.

There’s just over one more week left in February. Typically, I start my spring capsule in March, so I will need to get cracking on a plan if I want to play in my established lane! Something better shift soon if motivation is going to come get me…

How about you? When do you normally start breaking out your spring (or fall) clothing? Are you getting impatient for a new season? Or could you do with some more of the one you are in right now? Is there anything you are looking to buying for spring or summer? Do let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • jodie filogomo

    I love how you present this Liz!! It’s funny how the wide legs are a nice change. I just got a pair the other day…haven’t worn them yet, but I’m excited to try them.
    As my mom always says, everything comes around again. So it’s fun to embrace the changes.

    • closetplayadmin

      Such a treat to have you visit, Jodie! I am loving my wide legs, even if they aren’t my “best” silhouette… They make me happy, and happy is always a good look!

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