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Happy day, reader dear!

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that you never know what lies around the corner. That feeling of no control can be not only uncomfortable, but downright frightening. I think we’ve all learned to be more comfortable with that particular form of discomfort.

But your style? Your style is one thing you CAN control! So why not take advantage of the new year and make yourself a (Or some?) Style Resolution. I started this long before I started blogging… Yes, I’ve had a thing for style for a LONG time. I’ve done a few shopping fasts, minimal wardrobe projects, and other style experiments, all with the goal of learning. I’m that geek. Life is one long learning adventure and there’s no such thing as failure if I learn a lesson from my mistakes.

2020 Style Resolutions

If you are wondering how 2020’s Style Resolutions went, here’s the short answer. Some you win, some you lose. If you want more details, keep reading. If not, skip down to 2021 Style Resolutions.

I made three Style Resolutions for 2020. #1: Explore two boutiques a month in January, February, and March. That went alright, but obviously fell apart after that. #2: ALWAYS opt for pre-loved first. (Not underwear. Or running shoes. Can’t go there.) Not bad. I certainly shopped pre-loved MOST of the time in 2020. I’ve become a pro at shopping on Ebay (Take Garment Measurements, people. It makes for better outcomes!) and learning to check the Pre-Owned filter button. Finally, #3: Do one Copycat/Style Springboard each month. This one was wildly successful! Some of my favorite outfits each season came from these Copycat Style challenges AND these posts turned into immediate reader favorites.

2021 Style Resolution

Yup. Resolution. Singular. I have just one. That’s kind of big. Or small. That depends on how you look at it! I am thankful I can use the lessons I’ve learned in the past few years to make this year’s resolution more likely to succeed. For 2021 I simply want to stick to my French 5. (Simple does not mean easy.) Five fashion additions for two seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. I have better things to spend my time on, like getting outside and working on my Winter Bucket List items, writing fabulous blog posts, and creating new programs for you!

Is one resolution a cheat? Let me know what you think. I chose this resolution because my goal is to make more considered decisions. (Not perfect. there is no perfect.) That might mean shopping pre-loved or new. Depending on what I can find and on my timeline. (Twice a year shopping isn’t conducive to the long game hunt.)

I’m already getting inspired for Spring 2021!

So How About You?

Did you make any Style Resolutions for 2020? How did they go? So many other aspects of life derailed; I wouldn’t be surprised if your Style Resolutions went the same way… Are you making any resolutions for 2021? Style Resolutions? Organizing? Simplifying? If so, please take a peek at my Simplify Style Mini-Course! Together, you’ll discover what to keep. Clean out the excess. Find accountability partners. Build a wardrobe you love. And enjoy getting dressed again! So what are YOUR resolutions? Do tell…

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, Setting my resolutions style wise has taken time. I’m looking forward to getting my vaccines and being able to go out with my husband and best friend again! I simple have too many basics!! I’m looking forward to adding some color, a few jackets and maybe more accessories later in the year. I love fall and winter dressing but I live in Arizona. So, I need to make more of an effort to add warm weather clothing to my wardrobe! Looking forward to a better 2021!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Ole Tim Gunn says it well. And while I shop on a budget in that I can’t afford extremely expensive pieces, I do grab things willy-nilly without really considering whether I NEED whatever it is or whether it is truly me! Sometimes it is good to step out of my comfort zone and try a new trend but there are trends that I have tried and not embraced. And then I have a … whatever … white booties? that I don’t really wear. Going to do better this year.

    • Liz K

      Smart man, Mr. Gunn! I understand being on a budget, but I will say that expensive is a relative term… I like to really focus on Cost Per Wear rather than cost. That puts my purchases in a different perspective. Also asking Will I wear this at least XX times? (That number is often 30.) It sounds like you want to be more intentional about your shopping and wardrobe, Leslie! That’s certainly something I applaud! AND is the purpose of my work! 😉 Stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things IS a good thing, I push my clients to do that, but always with pieces I know flatter them and work with their style element preferences.

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