What is Stewardship?

Stewardship encompasses both responsibility, and gratitude. When we are good stewards of the resources at our disposal, we are prudent with our spending, avoid waste, share generously, and take care of our bodies, souls, and minds. At our church, the stewardship reminder asks, “What you are doing with your time, talent, and treasure?”

What does working as an Image and Wardrobe Consultant have to do with Stewardship?

I believe in celebrating everyone and his or her uniqueness!  Genetically, each of us is 99% identical to everyone else here on the planet, even Michael Jordan! So what makes us different? Well, about 1% of our DNA, and the gifts of time, talent, and treasure with which we have been blessed. You might be thinking, “She’s nuts!”, but please let me explain… Time is more than the 24 hours in each day we all have; it includes all the time we have lived since our birth. Talent is not only a gift of amazing athletic ability, or inventive ingenuity; it could be the gift of making others feel welcome, or even just a knack for finding change in vending machines. Treasure is not merely what is in your bank account and your belongings, but is (more importantly) the people with whom you share your life. Your body, with all its assets and flaws is also part of your Treasure! Your gifts and your personality make you unique; part of what I do is to help you see your unique beauty (yes, men are beautiful, too!) and celebrate it.

Why I do what I do.

I believe every man, woman, and child is precious, and deserves to feel special and confident. As toddlers our self-image is bulletproof; we believe we are amazing, but that confidence often erodes.  Frequently, along the long road of life, we lose our way, and our definition of self. Life changes and transitions are common times for people to look around and wonder “Who am I?” or “How did I get here?” (Thank you, Talking Heads!) I have seen the transformative power of style, and how it can make a person feel that toddler-like confidence again (but without the temper tantrums)!

Whether we intend to or not, we express our personality through the way we dress.

My approach to style is intensely personal. I get to know you, your values, your lifestyle, your goals, and lots more, to help you express your inside on the outside. I do not want you to look like me, or like some celebrity. I want you to look like your best you! I believe that the diversity of humanity directly reflects the infinity of our Creator. My goal is to help you express (on the outside) the person God (or the Universe, or Genetic Roulette, if that’s your preference) created you to be. That kind of authenticity of self shines in a world full of pretenders!

Pay it forward.

In gratitude, I choose to gift 8% of my profits to Dress for Success. This amazing organization helps women  here in the U.S. and worldwide, improve their lives, and lives of those they touch by providing work clothes, training, and mentors to women who need a hand getting back on their feet.  One easy way you can help this life-changing organization is to donate your gently used professional clothing to their “boutiques.” (When you have a Closet Audit, I will ask if I may donate your unloved clothes to them.) Please take the time to find out more about their valuable work at



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