Wardrobe 101

STOP Before You Shop!

Put Away Your Plastic…

And Start Loving What You Own

Hello and Happy Day, Reader Dear!

Every season, retailers and bloggers are out there telling you what’s new.





But are they? Really?

Yes AND no.

Must-Have’s aren’t for everyone!

Nor is what’s trending.

Now, if you like what’s trending… That’s a horse of a different color.

How about a magenta horse?

THAT would be fabulous AND on trend!

Not magenta… But pink is an interesting choice…

My brain is bouncing everywhere today! Let’s head into a complete non sequitur bringing us to: My Struggle Bus. The Struggle Bus?

The Struggle Bus

All silliness aside, this is why, as a style blogger, I struggle. I want you to know what’s trending so that if a trend IS a style you LOVE, you can take advantage. (Why not make shopping less stressful?) I certainly DON’T want you thinking you need to buy something that’s not you simply because it’s trending! There’s nothing stylish about wearing something that’s not you. Let me say that again:

There’s nothing stylish about wearing something that’s not you.

Liz Klebba–Closet Play Image

Feel free to Pin that!

Caveat: Sometimes you need to try new things because they will turn out to be you! OR the you you are growing into!

It’s the same for colors! Just because a color is popular, doesn’t mean it’s for you. The colors that suit you suit you ALL the year long, not just in one particular season. Yes, you might wear different colors throughout the year. Maybe you like the lighter or brighter colors in your palette in the summer and the darker or more neutral colors in the cooler months. That works! And it doesn’t mean you should run out and buy the color of the moment, just because it’s “in.” Buy a color because you love it AND it makes you look fabulous!

I’d Bet That:

You have plenty of clothes in your closet. Some of which make you feel great about you and some of which just make you feel just meh.

What would happen if you took all the pieces that make you feel great about you (LOVE pieces) and moved them to the front? (Br front, I mean the spot you see as soon as you open your closet door!) Get ready. Get set. GO!

  1. Move those pieces that make you feel great about you to the front of your closet.
  2. Shove the meh pieces out of the way.
  3. Start dressing with the LOVE pieces. Really. Today. And everyday. What are you waiting for? Life’s too short to wear clothing that doesn’t make you happy.
  4. Yes, you may need to add a meh piece or two to prevent leaving the house trouser-free…

Put on that ah-mazing silk scarf with your jeans and tee! Wear that maxi-skirt to the grocery store! Pair those 70-s vibe flared trousers with a denim shirt for your Target run! There is no law that says you need to look like everyone else. Because you’re not everyone else!

If you LOVE it, wear it to death… Don’t let your closet have all the fun!

Liz K–Closet Play Image


Put down that new outfit. (Because you are such a fan that you are reading this at the mall, LOL!) Empty your online shopping bag. Save yourself some money and start with what you already own and love!

Make this coming month an experiment. Find out what you really wear. Start wearing what you love. Yes, even if that makes other people say “Why are you so dressed up?” or “Is there something special going on?” The answer is yes. LIFE is special!

How About You?

What do you love but haven’t been wearing? Why not? Do you find yourself “dressing down” because everyone else does? If so, you aren’t alone. Dress to make YOU feel good about you. Other people will get used to it. And if they don’t? That’s their problem. Not yours. (Do I sound a little attitudinal? I might just be!)

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    It is so ingrained in us to see shopping as the answer to any wardrobe/outfit woes that people seem to jump to it immediately when they’re dissatisfied with their closet. But really, isn’t shopping the LAST thing to do for most people/situations? Shopping without having done the ground work of thinking, analyzing, learning, and *gulp* making a serious effort to understand why their current closet isn’t getting it done and what would improve it…that just feels like an expensive way to make the same mistakes all over again, with an even more stuffed, confusing closet and less money in the bank (or more credit card debt) at the end of it.

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