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Style Challenge: Cool Things Hunt

Happy day, reader dearest!

Why aren’t we wearing the cool things?

Over on Insta the other day, one woman commented, I have cool things but I rarely wear them.

All I could think was For the love of Mike, why not? Life is short! Wear the cool things!

Does any of this ring a bell?

Why aren’t we wearing the cool things?

When I do a Wardrobe Edit (Wardrobe Therapy) with a client, I always find Cool Things she doesn’t wear. When I ask her why, the answer often sounds like:

One: I don’t know what to wear it with. Sorted! That’s why I’m there.


Two: I’m saving it for… WHAT?

(Okay, if you’ve bought a dress for an upcoming wedding/graduation/anniversary celebration and you haven’t worn it yet, you have a pass. Otherwise, let’s style this Cool Thing somehow you CAN wear it and do so! Life is short! (See above.)

And then I look in my own closet. Cool things. Infrequently worn.

Stylist, style thyself.

Soudns like a new Style Challenge to shake things up, doesn’t it?

Cool Things Hunt

Choose 5 Cool Things from your wardrobe. Clothes, shoes, accessories, underthings. Anything you can wear is fair game! (A lampshade on your head IS wearable, but might not be the Cool Thing you are looking for. Now, if it has fringe and beading…) Some Cool Things might be Building Basics, others Style Staples and still others your Wardrobe Wonders. I’d wager that most of your Cool Things are Style Staples or Wardrobe Wonders. Do I win?

What are your five? Do they cover a variety of wardobe needs or are they all tops, or scarves, or shoes or whatever? This alone may tell you something about you and your style… So will asking the question I posed in another post: Why don’t I wear it? The answer can be enlightening!

I’ll be doing this challenge with you in real time. Starting Monday, I’ll post my #coolthingsstylechallenge on Insta (or in Stories) each day. Join me and add the hashtag; I’d love to see your cool things!

My 5 Cool Things

Yours will be totally different and that’s how it should be! Your cool is not my cool. You are welcome to gasp Hideous! about mine. That’s why style is so fabulous. We all get to do style our own way!

How About You?

What are your Cool Things? What category(ies) do they fall under? Did you find five? More? Less? Are they languishing? Why don’t they see the light of day more often? Can you dust them off and join me for the challenge? Are any of your Cool Things pieces that it’s time to release into the world? Bless someone else with the Cool? Do they earn their space in your wardrobe? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

A good clean out is good for the soul!


  • Cim

    I love everything about this post of yours, Liz.

    And – never, ever – in any universe – can I imagine something connected with you being described (accurately) as



    That’s how I see it 🙂


    Cathy in Missouri

    • Liz K

      LOL, Cathy! That’s the thing about taste, everyone has their own! Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone liked the same things? (My mother often uses the word hideous when she means something she considers “tacky.”)


    Liz, Your so right!! Why do we not wear the cool things?!! I’ve experienced some jealous issues with women I know. My girlriend and husband pointed it out to me. It has to do with how I dress so I found myself dressing down to appease these women. No more!! My husband is upset that I’m not wearing what he buys me!! My best friend just says be careful!! I find this a difficult position to be in but I also don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong dressing well!! It’s rediculous!!!!

    • Kathleen McDermott

      At 68, I love fashion and style even more than I did as a young gal. I buy and wear what I love. If it is pretty and feminine, fits well and looks good on me (flatters me) I wear it. Trends and style dictates are of no interest to me, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I trust my own taste and wear what pleases me. You, Natalie, should always enjoy dressing pretty. I always notice nicely dressed women and appreciate their contribution of beauty and joy to my day, much like flowers and birds!

      • Liz K

        I love this, Kathleen! “I appreciate their contribution of beauty and joy to my day…” That’s my mission, to make the world a more beautiful place!

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