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Style It: Summer Work Outfit

Skirt to Outfit Brain Flow

Happy day, Reader Dearest!

The brain is a messy and marvelous thing. Thoughts move in an orderly fashion from one to the next, but leave out two or three of the connections and how you got from A to B makes absolutely no sense at all.

Allow me to illustrate.

A typical conversation with Mr. CP whilst out on a walk…

Yours Truly: Do we have popcorn for movie night?

Mr CP: Yes, I bought some last week when we did the big shop. What flavors should we make? Are you feeling more cheesey? Herby? Or both?

Yours Truly: Do we have yeast? We need yeast.

Mr. CP: For popcorn?

SO I backtrack: Popcorn >>> Snacks >>> Prezels! >>> YUM! >>> I LOVE pretzels. >>> Especially soft pretzels. >>> Soooooooft pretzels! >>> We could go to Publix… >>> No! >>> Don’t want to go to the store. >>> What do you need to make pretzels? >>> Flour >>> Water >>> Salt >>> Yeast >>>

Do we have yeast? We need yeast.

Mr. CP looks at me and my spaghetti brain and sighs. I presume this same conversation goes on all over the world. I know it happens with my friends’ husbands. We laugh about it after one too many glasses of wine. Because our brains make those hyperspace jumps together.

The same thing happens when I put together an outfit. There’s a LOT of >>>ing going on.

How about you? Welcome to a style session!

Where It Started

Uhg! >>> 99 degree day predicted. >>> Again. >>> I need cool. >>> And professional. >>> A skirt has good air circulation. >>> What skirt do I have? >>> Voila! That will work!

Now What?

Can’t go out like that. >>> What top to choose? >>> White would be easy. >>> Ugh. All my white tops have sleeves. >>> I need sleeveless. >>> Do I? >>> 99 Degrees, remember? >>> Sleeveless it is. >>> AHA! Navy eyelet! >>> Cool cottony goodness.

Danger! Warning! Too Dark! No Color!

Oops! >>> All neutral outfits aren’t my best. >>> This navy top is too dark for my coloring. >>> I need color and lightness. >>> Too hot for a scarf. This neckline doesn’t work well with necklaces. >>>> Earrings? >>> THESE earrings! >>> Sorted.


Need something on my feet. >>> It’s too (expletive deleted) hot for closed shoes! >>> I need some grown-up vibes to balance the eyelet and the GIGANTIC earrings. >>> What sandals do I have that look substantial? >>> Blush block heels and white. >>> Blush is a nude shoe for me. I need to look like I’m wearing shoes. >>> White would (sort-of) balance my hair and play on the pearls in the earrings. >>> Let’s try them.

Ooops! >>> I need some white in the middle to connect the toes and ears. >>> I’ll grab a pearl bracelet and one with some brass beads. >>> And my watch. >>> A watch feels adult, right?

Is that it?

Am I covered? Add a red lip and grab my bag. READY!

(I should have swapped in my navy tote or canvas and black leather dome-topped bag. I think those would have been better for adulting. >>> Really hate that as a verb.)

Does this fit my Style Cocktail of Mischievous Femi-Modern? Yes! Done and dusted.

How About You?

Do YOU have similar conversations with your significant other? Did your brain follow the flow? How do you like your popcorn? Buttery? Cheesy? Herby? Are you a pretzel fan? Crunchy or soft? Both? What’s YOUR Style Cocktail? Would you wear a leopard skirt? If so, how do you style yours? For work? Or play? Or both? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    The eyelet top is so pretty, those earrings are JUST RIGHT, and the overall outfit is two thumbs up. 99 F and I do not get along at all! Today I was feeling warm in my air-conditioned 72 F apartment, LOL. I like that you’re still working the black + navy combo…my eye is adjusting more each time I see it. (I like popcorn made in the air popper and seasoned with olive oil and salt. It’s quite surprisingly delicious that way – and less messy than buttery popcorn.)

    • Liz K

      What an interesting observation, Sally, about your eye adjusting to the black/navy combo! Popcorn with olive oil and salt sounds amazing! (I might need to add a smidge of smoked paprika, too!)

    • Liz K

      😉 My inner monologue can’t go there, April! If I spend the day in loungewear (Or PT gear), I am unwell. Physically unwell. Or helping someone move house!

  • Lise

    I like this outfit Liz. I do have a white cool leopard skirt which I wore recently with a black top. I added a red pendant on a black choker. Black Sandals were the shoes. It was a night outfit and I was happy with the result. Black is still working with my silver hair, I thought it may not. I had high hopes for white tops with the silver hair but find that they are not so flattering, makes my silver hair look a bit yellow.

    • Liz K

      White can be tricky, Lise! Looks like you need a soft white versus a bright white. Some types of water and products make the yellowing on silver hair worse. I use a purple shampoo once a week or so to help prevent the yellowing!

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