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Style Lessons from Across the USA

Happy day, Dear Reader!

‘Tis the season of Red, White & Blue and celebrating all things America.

The Target dollar spot is bursting with star and stripe bedecked goodies. (I must admit, I was sorely tempted by a cute little pitcher the other day while picking up TP…)

It’s hard to talk about American Style. (Just like it’s a fallacy to speak of European Style!) The United States is an enormous country with distinct regional cultures. Some states are regions of their own; others share commonalites with their surrounding states. I’ve had the good fortune to live in (or spend a good deal of time in) various parts of the country.

After revisiting 7 Style Lessons from Living Abroad, it seemed only fair to give the good old US of A an opportunity to share her style lessons!


Fashion Follows Function. I grew up in the Midwest. I am sure that it is one of the reasons my take on style requires practicality. As a child, more than one of my Halloween costumes was “ruined” by the necessity of wearing a ski-jacket for a bitter All Hallow’s Eve. The worst? My light blue bridesmaid Cinderella dress. I might need to bring that up next time I see my therapist… I still remember the crunchy plastic mask with the blonde hair. The ski jacket entirely ruined my look! (Yes, there were tears.)

Now that I live in the South, it’s more about the heat and humidity than the cold and snow. That means linen and sandals for about half the year! I’ve learned to embrace the rumple and keep my toes buffed and trim. (I love a good pedi but my toenails seem to be allergic to nail polish. SO annoying.)


Casual is Cool. I’m seriously conflicted about this… I love a relaxed vibe but abhor the workout-wear-everywhere aesthetic.

Note: California has lots of different kinds of style! LA does it’s own thing. So does SanFran and San Diego. But overall, the West Coast sports a more relaxed style than the East Coast. The athletic/beach style and red carpet aspiration create an interesting confluence. (That felt like the right word… Maybe not.)


Cowboy Boots Go with Everything. Yes. Every. Thing. It takes a very special person to pull that off, however! I am not that woman. Are you?

I have owned a variety of cowboy boots over the years. There’s only one pair I regret letting go. A pair of red Justin Kiltie Ropers. Last time I looked, they were no longer making them. Sniff.

Northeast Corridor

Only Buy Shoes You Can Run for the Train in. This might be considered a nod to the Midwest’s style practicality. On the East Coast, however it is polished up by the understanding that sharp is an impression that lasts.


Pearls Are a 24/7 Proposition. AND Mongrams are Mandatory.

Yes, after we moved to the South (to settle), I monogrammed the back yoke of my white jean jacket. It’s large but tone on tone–so relatively subtle as southern monograms go… As for pearls? The classic single matched strand will always have a place in the South. (I just saw a young woman yesterday sporting hers with a cropped tee and running shorts.) Over the years, I have seen a trend towards more relaxed pearl looks–freshwater pearls and pearls strung on leather cords have been a big hit here in the South, combining that relaxed beach vibe with tradition. (I love me a pearly overload, but you don’t see that much here. Sigh.)

Just in Case… Some Holiday Style Inspiration

If you came looking for 4th of July style inspiration, try some of these:

Patriotic Style Polished Red, White & Blue looks.

Skyrocket Your 4th of July Style Accessorize the basics with holiday flair!

Independence Day Style Stretching the RW&B color palette… (NOT for everyone!)

A Patternful 4th Playing with pattern for extra festive fun.

How About You?

Where have you lived in the US? What style lessons could I learn living where you do? Do you go Red, White & Blue crazy for the 4th? Are you more of a stripes fan? Or stars? Do you own a pair of cowboy boots? Are they your footwear go-to? Ride or die shoes? Let me know… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Vickie

    Yes. Living in Texas I have seen many brides in beautiful wedding dresses and boots. And the younger set wears minis with boots. And you always have to consider something to keep from freezing to death in air conditioning.

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