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The Little Black Dress (LBD)

Happy day, reader dear!

I like the idea. An item that every woman should be able to wear and look fabulous. Which might work if there weren’t eight different women’s body shapes and thousands of variations. Not to mention all the different personality styles… And the unique personal coloring your DNA creates. Whew. That’s a lot for one piece of clothing to handle. Which is why I am willing to throw the LBD under the bus.

Don’t get me wrong. The purpose is FABULOUS! Simple. Versatile. Dress it up or down. Backdrop for accessories. Unremarkable which allows the woman to shine through. I’m good with all these!

Simple. Versatile. Dress it up or down. Backdrop for accessories. Unremarkable. We can do all that in so many other ways! Read on for three reasons an LBD isn’t for everyone. And take a peek at some other options!

Note: I have visited this before in another post, but with a new year, it deserves another look!


In spite of the fashion world’s passion for black, it is not a color that flatters many! Black is a lot of things. It is easy, it is simple, and the dye is cheap. There are a lot of myths about black out there. But black is a hard color to wear unless your personal coloring is cool and deep. So let’s talk about some other options! If your coloring is light and warm try a little olive dress, or a little rust dress. If you are dark and warm, try a warm navy dress or a little chocolate dress. Mmmmm… Chocolate… If your coloring is light and cool, a little grey dress will suit you better. Medium to dark and cool? Try a little navy dress.

All images from nordstrom.com.


Maybe you are a woman who wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress. Or maybe you have foot or leg issues and you only wear trousers. That doesn’t mean you don’t need something that plays LBD; yours just won’t be a D! Every woman needs a default that makes her feel fabulous and put together in no time flat. And let’s add boss. Your LBD might be a pantsuit. (Don’t worry about Hillary, if you like it, and it works for you, go for it!)

All images from nordstrom.com.


Other women are at a point in their lives, maybe baby laden, maybe retired, or maybe struggling with health issues, that make an LBD and/or anything that requires dry cleaning a non-starter. Let’s think suit alternative. That might be trousers and a cardigan, or trousers and a dark blouse. Or a skirt and cardigan or dark blouse. Anything that creates a column of color will have a suit effect. Dress it up with some nice shoes and jewelry, and you will be armed to take on most situations.

For more tips to find Your Little Dress or its equivalent, here’s the original post these images come from with some more suggestions…

How About YOU?

Do you have an LBD? Do you wear it? Or maybe I should say did you wear it until last year… How often? Do you love it? Does it make you look and feel amazing? If so, awesome! If you don’t wear it, and it isn’t working for you, feel free to let it go and find YOUR LBD equivalent. Bless someone else with your old one, and bless yourself with something that works for you! Let me know your thoughts… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


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