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What are your favorite myths? I could be talking about Greek and Roman myths, or Norse myths, but I suppose that in our context I mean style myths. A bucketload of style myths got a lot of traction a few years ago with multiple lists floating about the interwebs with titles like “What Women over 40 Should Never Wear.” The backlash was fabulous, and freeing. I think many women had internalized quite a few of those myths (Like no two-piece swimsuits after 40. BAH!), and seeing them all listed in one place made crystal clear how ludicrous most of them are.

For your amusement, I’ve gathered together some posts I’ve written about other style myths, most much more subtle than the Should-Never-Wear types, but often just as internalized. For a few of the most common myths I battle on a daily basis, pop on over to this article! Keep reading below for a more in depth treatment of four others, including the ever elusive “effortless style.” Ha!

Have you ever found yourself looking for the Perfect Handbag? It’s not out there! But here are some of the myths that keep us thinking it is…

If you looking for some encouragement to break your black habit in 2019, and embrace more flattering colors, these myths about black are some of the most pervasive in the style and fashion world!

Style doesn’t come from having all the items on some fashion maven’s list. One woman’s Must-Have is another woman’s Never-Sees-The-Light-Of-Day list! I don’t believe in those “never wear” lists, any more than I believe in “must have” lists. Here’s why…

And last, but certainly not least, the one myth that I believe causes more frustration than any… The Myth of Effortless Style. It’s an oxymoron! You can make style look effortless, but effort has gone into all those “effortless” looks, in the same way that a ballet dancer or gymnast makes it look like defying gravity is easy. For tips to make effortless style easier, read on!

Are any of these myths that you used to believe? What style myth is your biggest pet peeve? Did I leave it out? Please do share in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

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  • jodie filogomo

    Girl, you are singing to the choir!! It’s amazing how many women I meet that are still touting the black is slimmer idea. I think once we hear something over and over, unfortunately we believe it instead of really seeing if it’s true.

    • closetplayadmin

      Thanks for the visit, Jodie! Sing on! The slimming myth finds itself undone when you show people two boxes, one black and one white. I ask which looks smaller. They usually answer “The black.” Which is often true. Then I ask “Which looks heavier?” That usually gets their attention… It may look fractionally slimmer, but it always looks much weightier. Which is fine if gravitas is what you are looking for, but how often do we really need that?

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