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Style Obsession: Aprons!

November 2020

Happy day, reader dear!

Every year around this time, I have a little problem. Who am I kidding, I have the problem all year long. I’m a mess. I know, when you see pictures of me on Instagram, that’s not obvious. I take those first thing in the morning, before I eat my breakfast. I haven’t had a chance to make an utter mess of myself.

So what’s a messy gal like me to do? Well, I wear an apron. Not only to cook, but to do ANYthing in the kitchen! Cook, make coffee, wash up. You name it, I wear an apron when doing it. My apron hangs over the door handle of our bottom oven, and goes on before I do ANYTHING even remotely domestic. Because I am prone to spills, stains, and general chaos. I have ruined more clothes than I can count. Note for 2021: Buy stock in a stain stick company.

I chose blue, green and red as the colors for this apron search. Blue and green because they are two of the main colors on which my Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe is based, and red because, well–red is cozy and cheering. At this point in the year, a little cozy and cheering is on everyone’s menu. I selected full aprons since Liz = Messy Gal, but you can find oodles (technical style blogger term) of half aprons out there as well. Just search half apron and make sure to add a color name. Otherwise the sheer number of pages that pop up will sap what remaining will to live you might have…

Note: I receive nothing from Etsy or from these sellers; the links are included for your convenience. If one makes you happy, I hope it is still available!

I love the softness of the blue floral on that muslin colored ground. And the denim? Well you know how I feel about denim… If there were a favorite fabric award, denim would get my vote hands down! There’s nothing fall or holiday about the lemons except maybe a lingering wistful feeling for our summer Capri Staycation. I’m planning another Staycay to Morocco… They do lots of lemons there, too!

Now onto the red! These feel very December holiday, but would look great all the way through Valentine’s Day and beyond, cheering up grim winter days. I always add some red to my winter capsule wardrobes for exactly that reason. Give me cheer!

Yes, the red apron on the left is an over the top holiday girl ruffle extravaganza! The middle is more subdued and would be lovely all year long. The cherry motif apron on the right is also seasonless but feels very holiday to me, it’s the combo of red cherries, green leaves and white polka dots against the black.

So, how about you? Are you an apron wearer? Are you naturally neat and contained? Or do you just let the chips fly where they may? Roll the dice and move your mice… Nobody gets hurt! Until I gain better control of my limbs and appendages I’ll be donning an apron. Let me know if any of the aprons above float your culinary boat and make you think the kitchen a lovely place to be…

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!

Colorful Red and Orange Ruffle V-neck image 0

AND just because I couldn’t resist: This one is on my wish list! Too much orange to flatter my coloring, but it makes my heart sing… La, la, la!


  • Su

    Hi Liz

    I love those vintage style aprons, particualrly the blue floral, blue lemons, green polkadots and my favourite the red polkadots. Perhaps a little retro and stepford wives, but so nice and feminine to wear.

    Thank you for posting.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Su! I’d never be mistaken for a Stepford wife; I’m too messy and bouncy! I don’t think I can choose a favorite from these, but the lemons is high on my list…

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