Style Obsession: False Lashes

Happy day, reader dear!

I’ve been obsessed… With false lashes! Probably since a photoshoot last February. I was determined to learn how to apply them (In less than half an hour!) and wear them more often.

TBPH, 2020 was the year for false lashes, for so many reasons. Primarily ZOOM meetings. False lashes are amazing for video. They define your eyes and help you look more AWAKE. (And can’t we all use a little more of that?) And falsies (and eye makeup in general) are key when you are out and about masked.

Let’s face it. (Pun not intended, but I’ll run with it!) Online video meetings will continue. Companies are changing their work procedures and many are rethinking office space. No commute for attendees. No parking disbursements. No coffee or donuts to provide. And masks aren’t going away any time soon! Eyes are the focus.

How did my obsession develop?

Let’s start from the beginning… I love the look of long lush lashes, but mine have always been standard. When lash extensions came out, I was fascinated, but the price and long term commitment was not for me. (Not to mention the withdrawal when you choose to quit!) There was the option of Latisse, but a prescription for growing lashes? And the potential side effect of making my eye color darker? No thank you. I like the green in my eyes and would like to keep it!

I had worn false lashes for stage and dance productions, but always had help. And then came the photo shoot… Here’s a pic from the morning of the shoot. Yes, the makeup looks scary up close. (All that foundation and eye shadow makes me feel OLD!) But Rachel certainly knows what she’s doing…

Because the results were fabulous!

There were so many photographers there that day! I think this is the right photographer!

Let’s take a peek!

Here’s what my everyday lashes look like, just mascara’d. (Now, that’s quite a verb!)

And here they are falsie-fied!

I love the extra lift at the outer corner that falsies give.

About “Mine”

Here’s the specs: I don’t buy fancy expensive lashes. The ones I’ve been using are Ardell. (If they were good enough for a makeup artist, they are certainly good enough for me!) Usually #110. Yes, there are lots of other brands and variations out there. I prefer strip lashes. The clusters were not a good look. Headline: Mangled Spider Attacks Work from Home Entrepreneur! I should have taken a picture… Sorry.

I don’t wear false lashes every day, but if I’m shooting videos, or have a lot of Zoom sessions, I’ll tack them on. I get about a week’s wear from one pair, say 5 days. The key is to peel off the glue from the previous wearing without mangling the lash strip. Gentle touch. A little practice. You’ll be fine!

A Few False Lash Tips

I squeeze the glue onto a paper towel and let it sit for a few minutes while I do the rest of my eye makeup, including eye liner. I dip a toothpick into the glue (I buy the clear glue.) to apply it to the lash strip. You don’t need much! I like a little bit of extra glue at each end of the strip.

After applying the glue, let it set! I blow on the glue for about 30 seconds.

If you don’t want to glue your lids open, (Yes, I’ve done that.), tip your head back and look down your nose into the mirror as you work. I hold the lashes between the thumb and index fingers of both hands and drop them at the lash line.

THE GAME CHANGER for me was learning to take a damp cotton swab and tamp down the lash strip all along the lash line. The glue won’t stick to the damp swab and the pressure helps the lash strip adhere evenly. Presto! No more lashes that pop up in the middle. No more lash glue grabbing your finger as you smooth the strip down.

Lastly, I throw on some extra liner (powder) to blend the strip and a coat of mascara to blend my lashes to the falsies. (Here’s a review of mascaras I did to find one for my son’s wedding.) I usually bat my lashes at myself in the mirror before heading out for the day. Yes, I am easily amused. And done!

This sounds complicated, but so does brushing and flossing if you try to explain it! Yes, it took what felt like half an hour the first few times. Really, it was less than 5 minutes. Now, the longest part is blowing on the lashes to set the glue…

How About You?

Are you blessed with long dark curly lashes? Lucky you! (I promise, I won’t send a curse your way.) Or do you give nature a hand? What’s your favorite eye makeup hack? Have you ever worn false lashes? Have you ever glued your eyelid open? (Please? Someone tell me I’m not the only one?) Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,



    I wear a full face of make-up daily. My lashes are very normal but I only use mascara. If I had a special event I may try the magnetic false lashes but I’m not interested in traditional glue on false lashes.

    • Liz K

      I know some people are sensitive! Be careful with the magnetic lashes that go top and bottom… I’ve had a few friends pull out lashes trying to remove them. The magnetic liner/lash combo seems safer.

  • CiM

    YAY! Eyelash tutorial!!

    The damp cotton swab is genius – and thanks for walking us through all the specifics of application. So very helpful!

    I did a little happy dance when I saw this post. 🙂

    Thank you, Liz!

    Off to experiment…

    Cathy in Missouri

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