Style Obsession: Pattern

Boden’s Flora Bloom in French Navy

Happy day, reader dear!

Let me start right off by saying this is NOT a sponsored post. Not in any way!

I’m simply sharing a craving that has been flung upon me.


F. L. U. N. G.

As in: I want to buy every single piece.

Every. Piece,

I regularly have style obsessions. It might be for a color. Or a color combination. It could be for an accessory, like Souvenir Scarves, or a particular pair of hoops. (FYI: I still love those hoops and wear them regularly. Just not almost every day like I did that summer…)

For a variety of other Style Obsessions I’ve run through, pop on over here!

I’ve even had a Style Obsession with other patterns. But this one is crazy.

It’s ALL wrong and ALL right at the same time!

Is this spring fever striking early?

Where It Started

The spring catalog. First, I saw the dress and Ooooh. Not just in my head. Out loud. Then a few pages further on I saw the bag. And the scarf. And THOSE trousers!

You know how I feel about scarves. And bags. It was ON.

Our days have been grey and gloomy. The pattern is bright and sunny. It’s got all my favorite colors! Pinks. Reds. Yellow. Green. Blue. It’s obnoxious and has a vaguely 1970’s feel. (Yes, those both count as wins in my book.)

So I pasted the images to my Spring/Summer 2022 Inspo Board on Pinterest. And all heck broke loose.

Style Vibe Derailed

So what can happen when a pattern like this takes over your life?

In this case, it derailled the direction my inspo had been heading.

I went from here:

Soft. Light. Taupes, Whites, Pinks with a bit of Wine for contrast…

To here:

A heavily blue based color riot. Good grief! I definitely need some style clarity for spring…

Now What?

Let’s imagine going overboard first. I could make Flora Bloom into all of my French 5, or I could count it as an Add 5 (Except that would be a pretty pricey Add.)

Floral overdose, anyone?

Yes, there are 6 pieces here… Could I count the trousers and top as one jumpsuit?

It’s time to take a deep breath, step away from the keyboard and put down the credit card.

I need to regroup and pull out my Spring/Summer pieces from their storage box to see what here would play nicely. I don’t have the energy for any bullies on my style playground BUT I expect at least one of these pieces to make it onto the final version of my French 5 board. The question is, Which one?

Pointed Toe Mary Jane Shoes - Navy/Embroidery

I did mention I want ALL the pieces, right? Even the ones that aren’t practical. Like the bag. And the shirt. And the shoes.


The shoes! No, they aren’t exactly the same pattern, but they are so close! And SO fun! How could you be grumpy with these on your feet?

But that would tip me over five. Sigh.

How About You?

Have you ever found yourself in the throes of a Style Obsession? As an adult? What was or is your Style Obsession? Please let me know I’m not alone out there… Which of the 5/6 I’ve shown here might you add to your wardrobe? None? All? Do tell! I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

And because I couldn’t resist…


  • Sally in St Paul

    I am obsessed all the time with navy-based floral prints and this one is pushing all my buttons today. The bag is the absolute cutest, and I’m not even a handbag person, but the size is impractical for me (and it’s not like I’m going out much these days anyway). But the shoes…pointy toed Mary Jane flats in navy with bold floral embroidery? Yeah, that’s the one. Luckily the $180 price tag is slowing my roll. I did just an order a copy of the Boden catalog, though, in hopes that I get a lot of pages with this floral print for turning into paper beads!

  • Bettye L Rainwater

    Gasp! I’m in love with All Of It!

    I think I’m a Style Schizophrenic (is that politically incorrect to say? My gauge for these things is so off these days).

    My point is while 99.9% of the time I want to be in Boy Clothes (all tailored and preppy or sporty and oversized), SOMETIMES I just want a good, loud, color clash pattern floral mix thing. AND the piece I would MOST like is the PANTS! I’ve always had a thing for sort of crazy, printed, wide-legged, drapey pants – I just never can find them to suit my body.

    I don’t suppose this brand comes in (legit) plus sizes. Oh…don’t even dare to dream, Bettye. Don’t even dare to dream.


    • Liz K

      It may be politically incorrect, Bettye, but it certainly makes you understood! These trousers size to 20/22; I’m not sure how they run…

  • Kathleen McDermott

    My vote: NO to dress (might overwhelm your small frame?) and bag (too small to be useful); YES to shirt and pants (mix and match opportunities) AND shoes; MAYBE to scarf – I’d buy it in a heartbeat (I don’t practice denial or self discipline) but if you wanted to feel like you walked away from one piece, floral patterned scarves are common and you don’t really get the impact of the print.

    • Liz K

      I’m glad you made the impact comment, Kathleen, since the scarf sold out very quickly and I am out of luck on that score! Yes, the dress would be too much, but a girl can dream, right? These obsessions don’t make much sense and are only indulged in small servings…


    Liz, My style obsession was heels but I never allowed myself to wear them except for special occasions!! Them I came down with Parkinsonianism and couldn’t wear them!! So, my advice is wear heels while you can!! I was in my early 40’s when this happen!! Wear heels while your able ladies!! You just never know!! I had been buying even more heels before this happen in looking forward to our son going off to college and my hubby and I having alone time even though we would be broke!! Our son went through college with high honours then he did a work study program with the school and got his Master’s. So proud of him!! He’s always been a very hard worker!! P.S. I’m sorry but I don’t want one piece of your style obsession!!

    • Liz K

      I have to agree with you, Natalie! Wear what you love! ANY time. I had a student give me a plaque when I left teaching that said “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” Little did she (OR I!) know what was to come… LOL! I can imagine how proud you are of your son! (No offense taken about the print, Natalie. The world would be dreadfully dull if we all liked the same things.)

  • Gail McKelvey

    I must admit at my first glance of these pieces, my first thought was of a flowered suit that I had back in the ’70s. These definitely have that vibe! And I know I had a pair of flowered pants too. They were so funny; while they looked fine in normal light as soon as a black light came on one leg glowed with that eerie green and the other stayed dark! I only wore them that one time to an “evening outing.” Couldn’t handle the stares on the dance floor!! Love those shoes! That I have never had!! Fun post!

    • Liz K

      They DO have that 70’s vibe, Gail! I think that’s part of the reason I love them! I have to wonder what made your trousers play that trick in black light? We all need a fun post when spring feels far away… Thank you!

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