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Happy day, reader dear!

Yes, you may feel like you have been living under a rock for a while now… Most of us have been! But even the sartorially challenged have been asking me What’s up with the huge collars?

Yes, it’s a trend, and I expect it’s the flash in the pan kind, but if you are a collar lover, this is your season!

Not only are we seeing long pointed collars that feel very 1970’s, we are seeing lace collars, large and small, and interesting collars in prints that contrast from the main item. The lace and changed prints hearken back to another era, when you worked with what you had and remade clothing to give it new life. That’s smart style in any era!

Detachable shirt collars are nothing new. Men’s shirts were traditionally purchased collar-less and cuff-less which allowed the collars and cuffs to be washed more easily. Clothing was washed less often, and a man could swap out a less than pristine collar for a fresh one as needed without having to wash the entire shirt. It’s hard for us washer/dryer owners to imagine, but most city dwellers did their laundry in the sink. Clothes were spot cleaned and aired rather than washed or sent to the cleaners. A full washing was saved for when clothes were visibly stained and dirty.

Now, I am generally not a collar wearer. I don’t like collared shirts, but a collar as an accessory? Now that’s a whole ‘nother story! Let’s get styling…

The Collars

I bought the white Peter Pan collar last year to wear under dark sweaters to create value contrast and bring some light back to my portrait area. The polka dot number is a new addition. I fell head over heels! (Polka dots, peeps!) It felt just right to add to my Spring Capsule Wardrobe with its touches of black. The new addition is from Ruth Eads Co. This is not a sponsored post, nor am I receiving any remuneration for this post or the link. I’m sharing the love because I love my collar and want to support another small businesswoman! Please check them out, she has gorgeous bows, too!

UPDATE! (5/7/2021) The lovely Stacey at Ruth Eads is offering dear readers a 20% discount on orders made by the end of May, 2021! Use the code: HappyMay20 when you check out. And tag me if you wear yours on social media! I’d love to see it…

Here is the polka dot on its first outing:

This collar sits quite high on my neck. Which means it’s perfect for covering other shirt collars to create that contrasting collar look I mentioned above. I’m also imagining it paired with some of my silk blouses for that same contrast and punch.

If we go back in history, women traditionally wore detachable collars with dresses, so let’s see how both my collars change the look of old faithful.

I’ve styled this same dress myriad ways before. You can see some of them here AND here. Here it features in a Friday Flashback! (It might be time for a Style/Restyle of this look…)

Last year I wore the Peter Pan collar with my short sleeved denim shirt. When I bought it, I wanted a more feminine touch for that shirt. I think it will be darling with the dots, too!

I’m already adding the new collar (mentally) to both my Black and White Beauty Bundles. You can see that, right? To make sure that I don’t forget about them, I’ve hung them front and center in my closet…

Closet View, Removable Collars on Hangers

How About You?

Detachable collars: Yay or Nay? If you are around my vintage, did you (or do you) wear dickies under your sweaters? I remember being appalled at their name… Maybe you remember the slim v-neck sweater with attached woven collar trend? That one came around more than once! Do you prefer your shirts with or without collars? Would a detachable collar be better? Why or why not? Do tell me what you’re thinking!

PS: Hope to see you tonight at the Spring Summer Style Webinar!

Stylishly Yours,


    • Liz K

      Aren’t they! It’s an easy way to get a little change from pieces that might be losing their fun. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, Mireille!


    Liz, I ore dickies. I love the beautiful lace ones still! I ould ear them. I like collars on stiff shirts and even on a silk blouse but as my body has changed ith age I find myself stearing clear of them. I might enjoy dickies more actually!

    • Liz K

      I struggle with the stiffness and structure of collars, myself. A soft silk blouse with a collar feels very different than a buttondown! My exception, denim shirts. I don’t know why; I keep poking at that one to uncover why it’s different, but it just is… Both these collars are very soft and comfortable, which may be why they work better for me!

  • Carol Karl

    I absolutely had to comment on this post to tell you a story! When I was a child, I had a red velvet dress. It had no collar, it was the type that had a fitting bodice and a gathered skirt, like many of my dresses back then. I loved this dress. The reason I loved it so much was that it had three detachable collars. One was plain, one was lace and the other was plain with a lace edging.

    I loved that dress. When I was 9, and I had long since passed being able to squeeze into it, my Mum threw it away. I was so mad at her! I remember to this day the conversation. She said, “it didn’t even fit you anymore”. I said, “but I loved it and I could still wear it” (in my dreams). I think the thing that hurt the worst was that she tore it up and put it in the ragbag for my Dad to use in the garage. I guess a part of me wanted some other little girl to get the pleasure out of the dress that I did.

    So detachable collars, hell yeah!

    • Liz K

      We all have these tidbits from our sartorial past that come up and bite us when we least expect. Thank you, Carol for sharing your story! That dress and its collars sound fabulous; what an impression. The ragbag does seem cruel, someone else would also have loved that dress! Was second-hand shopping and thrifting a big thing when you were a girl? I remember hand-me-downs from my best friend’s sisters, but shopping second hand wasn’t something you did “unless you had to.” That sounds patronizing, but that was the attitude of so many; it was all about the new.

    • Liz K

      You’re killin’ me, Sally! I’m seeing awkward junior high students all squirming in their turtlenecks… The visual is simultaneously painful, hilarious, and oh-bless-their-hearts (in the nice way) inducing! I’m the one reeling, now! 😉

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