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Happy day, reader dearest,

I hope and pray you are having a good one! These Style Obsession posts need to space themselves out further… Not because I don’t have an obsession I could share each month, but I don’t want to be that blogger. You know, the one encouraging you to go out and buy stuff! Because I believe most of us already have enough stuff and that we should appreciate what we already have rather than running off to buy more.

Consumption. The using up of a resource. (Oxford Dictionaries) That’s what we’re encouraged to do every time we turn on the TV, radio, podcast, or yes, read a blog. Advertising is everywhere. (I thought long and hard before hitting the yes button to advertise here on the blog. The writing may come “free” since I do it myself, but web hosting and protection for the site does not. Thank you for understanding.) Where were we? That’s right!. Consumption. You will find one of my favorite TV/movie lines about the topic in the Veggie Tales’ episode Madame Blueberry. Bob the Tomato asks Larry (the Cucumber), Larry, how much stuff do you need to be happy? To which Larry answers, I don’t know… How much stuff is there?

So… Rather thank see these obsession posts as an encouragement to purchase, I’d love you to see them as an opportunity to rediscover something hidden or lost in your own wardrobe! That’s where this month’s polka dot obsession came from! (For other Style Obsession posts, check this out.)

Polka dots have a mixed history… (I could have said spotty, but that was a bit much, even for me!) For centuries, dots were associated with plague and skin diseases, and dotted fabrics were NOT desirable. (You can see why!) With the advent of the industrial revolution and specialized weaving machines able to make uniform and evenly spaced dots, dots lost the negative “spotty” connotation. Eventually, dots got a real popularity boost with Minnie Mouse and Dior’s post-WWII New Look.

Why polka dots are often thought of as a “spring” pattern, I don’t know, other than they usually make a reappearance in spring, like a bulb hidden under the soil. Come to think of it, I do associate dots with Feria (spring festival) from our years in Spain! Think tiered and ruffled polka dotted dance dresses. Regardless, I will wear polka dots all year long, but after putting most of dots away last fall (Except for my red polka dot blouse…), it’s time for some polka dots to make their way back into the sunshine! Hence my obsession. Two other reasons? Polka dots are fabulous for pattern mixing! They tend to be a two color print, often a neutral and a color, which makes them SO versatile. Treat the scarf like a solid in it’s color and you are set! Last reason? They feel fun and like a little smile, and can’t we all use a little more smile this year?

How am I going to get some dots into my Spring Capsule Wardrobe? Well, I didn’t include any dotty pieces, and I won’t be breaking out my polka dot beauty bundle, as many of the pieces are no longer in my wardrobe… Sadness. To make up for that, I expect you’ll see quite a few dotty scarves. Pearls and hoops have a dotty vibe; those are an easy add! If I find myself needing another dress, it will be my grey polka dot that will find it’s way into my capsule. Finally, at some point, I’ll need to break out my swimsuit! (It’s a navy blue polka dot two piece, similar to the one above.)

How About YOU?

I find these style obsessions are a bit like red car syndrome… Once it’s on your radar, you see them everywhere! Any style obsessions tickling your brain for the coming season? Do you have polka dots in your wardrobe? Do you wear them? Or struggle with them? Feelings about polka dots are VERY personality driven! They are most popular with feminine personality style types, and in the oversized version, with dramatics. (Sometimes with rebellious, too! Often the vintage/rockabilly version.) Do let me know… What associations do you have with polka dots? I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,



    Liz, I wanted to add that I really appreciate how you don’t sell items. You give us ideas to create wardrobes and to freshen our wardrobes. I feel you encourage us to look in our closets and express our personality’s. You have the best personality! This really comes through in your writing! The only other person I enjoy reading is Audrey Coyne because she also encourages you to play with your wardrobe and not rush out and buy more. I’ve always felt more is more! I’m working on that issue.!I have MORE than enough clothing! Thank you for being such a encourager!

    • Liz K

      More is more is a common enough issue, particularly for Western culture! You are certainly not alone. My less is more attitude is hard won, over years of whittling back and hard choices about my values and priorities. You are most welcome for the encouragement!


    Liz, I hurried all morning to read your post today! I LOVE tiny to medium polka daots blouses and skirts! I would love a dress but find it very difficult for the fit because I’m short waisted!! VERY flustrating! I don’t own any dresses at this time and I wear a skirt every day! I also LOVE florals! Yes, I am a feminine, classic, elegant with a smidge of dramatic. This didn’t really surprise me once I condidered it and ask my husband and best friend to describe me without telling them my results, of course.I also love stripes but more pinstripes than wider- stripes. I do mix patterns when I feel in the mood as well! Have a very blessed day!!

    • Liz K

      Have you thought about sewing (or having made) a matching skirt and blouse to get the look of a dress with a fit that works for you? I don’t know how tall you are, but I buy petite dresses(even though I’m at the edge) because the shorter waist fits me better! Those smaller patterns are much more in line with what seems like your personality style, Natalie… Florals and polka dots are a fun mix!

  • Lise

    I love polka dots, all colors and sizes, but especially larger ones! I like the hat you posted, ideal to cover up my growing in silver hair this summer.

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