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Style Resolutions 2020

Happy New Year, reader dear!

And welcome to 2020! I am hoping for some fun and changes to the blog this year… She needs a facelift, and better integration to better serve my clients AND make my life easier. Those aren’t resolutions, per se, but goals for the business side of the blog.

As for the personal side, I’ve never been good at those January self-improvement resolutions. Because I don’t think you need to wait for 1 January to make a new start. Right now is a good time to make a new start. And now. Or if it’s a big one that requires some prep time, let’s do Monday morning. Year end is a good time to look back and evaluate, though, so…

How did my 2019 Style Resolutions go? And what do I want to do better/differently in 2020?

2019: Buy Less and Spend Less–I did it! Woo hoo! I spent less than my budgeted amount for 2019, in spite of the epic failure to check my expenditures monthly. I did far more consignment shopping this year, and I am consciously working on smallerizing my wardrobe. I was thrilled to have (almost) everything I needed for my Winter Capsule already in my wardrobe and out-of-season storage box. It made me happy not to be adding to the consumer pile in December. A little accessories tweak was pretty much all that was needed. Nice.

2019: Dressing Boldly– I think this one worked, too! I “stole” some outfits I liked and used them as a Style Springboard to try looks I wouldn’t normally wear. I added a LOT of color this fall, and played more with pattern mixing, even in the warmer, softer palette months. I wore hats more frequently, but still not as often as I’d like… Part of that is our car culture. Getting around here is by personal vehicle; hat brims and car head rests are not style besties. I did hang my hats where I see them everyday, to get them more “on my radar,” and more likely to make it out of the house.

2019: Dress Weekly–Success, if you count all the times I wore a dress over jeans and trousers this past year! It became a kind of mini-signature look for me. I love how it works for client appointments. I was not so good about taking the silhouette of new dresses into account for this purpose… But my old ones managed to keep me covered!

2020 Style Resolutions

I’m making only three. The first two come from my Winter Bucket List. The overall theme seems to be small, as is the number. Which certainly is in line with my personal goals!

One: Explore two boutiques a month in January, February, and March. I want to get out of the chain store rut (for myself AND for my clients), so this is a good way to find out what else is out there. It will make #2 more challenging, but that’s okay. I’ll need to decide whether this continues on or changes for the other quarters of the year! (Shop small.)

Two: ALWAYS opt for pre-loved first. (Not underwear. Or running shoes. Can’t go there. #sorrynotsorry) If I can’t find what I am looking for pre-loved, then new will have to do. This is going to challenge my exactitude issues (Some might call it perfectionism…) and call for far more flexibility on my part. That’s going to be Really. Freaking. Hard. Especially paired with my ongoing commitment to the French 5. I am particular about my wardrobe. Go figure. Shoes may end up being another exception, because I have hard to fit feet, but I’m going to give it my best! (Small footprint.)

Three: Do one Copycat/Style Springboard each month. This will be a great way to shake up my style, and encourage me to try new combinations with what I already own. It’s easy to get into a rut, and keep wearing the same things the same way. If you see any looks you love, and would like to Copycat, please share them with me! I could use the inspiration, and would love to find new Pinners and Instagrammers to follow. To keep me accountable, I’m planning on posting them as a monthly feature! (Small shifts.)

So how about you? What are your plans for 2019? Are you a resolution maker? How do you do with them? Do you have any style resolutions for 2020? I’d love to hear them if you are willing to share! And just maybe a blog post you need might come out of it… Here’s to a fabulous and stylish 2020!

Stylishly yours,


  • Beth Crawford

    Happy New Year Liz! I have just discovered your site and I LOVE IT ! Except for under ware and shoes I only buy PRE loved. I am lucky I have 2 wonderful women’s resales shops near my summer home in Michigan and a HUGE resale shop near our winter home in Florida. My 2020 goals are to refine my clothing choices and buy less of better quality.

    • closetplayadmin

      Wowza! Thank you for your kind words, Beth. May I ask how you found me? I always check out consignment/vintage shops when we travel. I found the most gorgeous winter coat (Ever!) last week in Asheville, NC. Unfortunately, winter coats are not a high priority for me here in Georgia… Alas! Love your goal to refine!

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Going to follow your good lead and resolve to wear a dress or skirt at least once a week, too. I have some pretty things and never wear them. Could at least get snazzy for church on Sunday.

    My official resolution is to FINISH. Books, projects, activities around the house. Wish me well.

    • closetplayadmin

      Finish is a GREAT word for 2020. I have been struggling with follow-up/follow-through… I might need to steal your word. And you have my permission to get snazzy any day of the week. Why wait for Sunday?

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