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Style Resolutions 2022

Happy New Year, Reader Dearest!

Welcome to a new year! I wish you a fabulous 2022!

Every year I make a few style resolutions for myself. Last year I made only one.

How did it go?

Not well. Not badly either. More on that below.

2022 is a different story.

The problem? I’m feeling rather at loose ends this year. Inspiration is hiding.

Does that ever happen to you?

I’ve looked in my calendar.

I’ve looked in my closet.

I’ve even looked the the bottom drawer of the fridge where the veggies go to die.

No inspiration.

Sometimes when I’m struggling with something, I find it easier to back into it.

In this case, I’ll turn the tables and think about what resolutions I would choose for you…

Love Yourself

That means ALL of you! Your beauty. Your personality. Your body. The life you lead. Easier said than done, right?

I expect self-love (like so many other good things) begins with gratitude.

Style Connection: Loving Yourself and Shining Your Style have a chicken/egg relationship… Starting with either brings the other along with it. Our flaws are what make us beautiful; let’s embrace them!


Release the clothes that don’t make you feel good about you. Release any guilt about them, too!

While we’re at it, maybe we should release negativity about ourselves… That would certainly make it easier to Love Yourself, wouldn’t it?

This one is not easy. A lifetime of negative self talk doesn’t just disappear overnight. I recently read an article positing that people engage in negative self talk on average 19 times daily. That’s more than once per waking hour!

Style Connection: Releasing (or at least storing away) the pieces that don’t fit us, whether that means fitting our body, our life season or our personality, means that those pieces aren’t taunting us or making us feel guilty every time we get dressed. Having a closet of clothes that fit AND make us feel good about ourselves allows us real choice when we open those closet doors!


Honor yourself by putting yourself together every day. (That doesn’t mean you have to put on the Ritz! We’re not talking gala dressing, here!) The fifteen minutes intentional dressing and grooming takes is a gift to yourself and shows others you respect yourself. Which, in turn, shows others how you expect to be treated.

Style Connection: Style is a habit. When you practice every day, it becomes easier and your confidence grows. That confidence is style fitness– Getting and keeping your style muscles in shape means you’ll experience less stress for those occasions when a little extra is required. Here are some easy Wardrobe Habits to get the ball rolling…

I’ll be the first to admit, these aren’t SMART resolutions. They aren’t particularly Specific. Releasing and Honoring are Measurable. They are ALL Achievable. All three are Relevant to each other; only you can decide if they are Relevant to you! As for Time-Based? You could set time frames if you need them, but I think of these as never ending works in progress… More like James Clear’s processes (or systems) vs. goals.

An Easy Add-On

I’d tack on take a selfie daily, because that’s quite the eye opener! That sounds quite simple compared to the others, doesn’t it? Want to learn more habits to improve your style?

If you’re wondering what happened to last year’s resolution…

2021’s Resolution

Stick to my French 5, buying only five fashion items for the two fashion seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

When I made this resolution, I was full of good intentions. (Yes, I know, the road to hell…) But aren’t we all? Filled with good intentions when we make resolutions, I mean. Did I buy only 10 items last year? No. Did I buy far less than in previous years? Yes. So although I bought more than 10, I still feel like it was a success. I feel like I am further towards my two suitcase goal.

As for some of the other projects and programs I mentioned in the post? 2021 Happened. Granting myself grace and forgiveness.

How About YOU?

Did you make any resolutions for 2021? How did they go?

Have you made any resolutions for 2022? Are they SMART goals or are they more nebulous? What about you do you love? Do you think there’s a connection between gratitude and love? Does 19 daily occasions negative self-talke sound high, low. or spot on to you?

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2022.

Stylishly yours,


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