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Style/Restyle December 2020

Jump on the Style Train!

Happy day, dear reader!

How are you doing? And by that, I mean feeling… As I write this, I’m finally starting to feel the holiday spirit. I’m okay if it’s not like the others. I’m not so tied to tradition that I will shrivel up like a lost cranberry under the sofa. Maybe that’s my nature, or maybe it comes from lessons learned moving every three years for Mr, CP’s naval career. Semper Gumby is and was our motto: Always Flexible. Which is why you are getting this post on Wednesday instead of Friday this week; a family issue came up, so I had to do some rearranging!

This month’s Style/Restyle post will be a little different! AND I’m hoping YOU will take it as a challenge. Usually, a Style/Restyle post takes an outfit from the same time last year, and restyles that look for this year! That could mean choosing similar pieces if last year’s items are no longer in my wardrobe. It might be updating the colors, or choosing different accessories to change the vibe of the base pieces. (Here’s last month’s Style/Restyle so you can see what I mean!)

This month, S/R takes the form of a game! Which started when I wore one item two days in a row… And did it again on day three. And kept on going! Think of it like the word games you play where the next word has to start with the letter that ended the previous word. You know… Pretzel. Lollipop. Paintbrush. Hedge. Elephant. (We used to play this in the car ALL the time with our boys. Want to make it more challenging? Make a rule that all the words have to come from a category. Like Kitchen items: Pot. Table. Egg. Grater. Radish. Hotpad.) So let’s see how this outfit train unfolds!


Fresh start!

I had no idea a Style Train was coming on Day 1…


Can you spot the carryover piece?

Yup! Same trousers as Monday!


When I hung this outfit up on Tuesday night to wear for Wednesday, the train idea surfaced…

Same grey top as Tuesday… Yes, you DID see this look in Monday’s Copycat Style post!


Same jeans as Wednesday!


Thursday’s cardigan… Restyled!

This mini-challenge reminded me a bit of doing a 10X10, choosing 10 items to wear for 10 Days. Counting the pieces now, I see eight, not including shoes and accessories. I wonder how I’d build this out into a 10… Hmmm. I feel another challenge coming on!

So… How About YOU!

Are you a tradition lover? Or do you prefer to create anew? Do you feel up to a style challenge? How about starting your own Style Train? Do tell! If you do try the Style Train, please let me know how it goes. I love to hear from you, and I don’t think we’ll run out of room in the comments any time soon!

Stay safe and sound, sane and stylish!

Stylishly yours,


    • Liz K

      You gave me quite the giggle this morning, Vickie! We don’t usually notice rewears unless they are hero pieces, or wardrobe wonders as I think of them.

  • Carol Karl

    Thanks Liz. Yes, I did buy a new pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago which have been a life saver. I do need new pants so probably need to get the sewing machine out. I’m thinking that some striped elastic waist baggy ones will do the trick. I’ve seen some fabulous fabric – pale pink and blue, which will go with everything in my wardrobe (I hope) and hide those unwanted extras. Now, it’s just finding the time so maybe it’s an over Christmas job.

    • Liz K

      Glad to be inspiring! And thank you for the lovely compliment. I’d love to know more about what a 10 Item wardrobe means to you. 10 Items a la Jennifer Scott? (Which is far more than ten!) Or do you have your own version of 10 in mind? Do tell!

      • Carol Karl

        I have been watching Jennifer Scott and yes her way is much more than 10 items. When I go away anywhere I always pack my 10 items. That can easily see me through at least 10 days, although it doesn’t work if I can’t wash and dry clothes.

        I thought I might be able to translate that to my life because realistically, right now, I’m probably only wearing 10 items in my wardrobe (stuck in a rut big time – basically jeans and a t-shirt). Over the last year, due to an illness, I’ve put on 10kgs so nothing much is fitting. I’ve got very little in the way of funds to buy new clothes and I’m tired of wearing the same things so I thought maybe if I shopped my wardrobe for clothes that fit and made new outfits with 10 items of my choice that go with everything, it might work better for me.

        • Liz K

          Oooh, Carol! That sounds like a fabulous plan! I’m struggling with some extra poundage myself, and buying new clothes is not something I want to do to accommodate those unwanted visitors. Making do, shopping the wardrobe and recombining is always my first option! Maybe a few strategic additions if truly necessary. (Too tight trousers are just a misery. A new pair of jeans is probably worth it!) I can’t wait to hear how your plan goes! Please keep me posted?

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