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Style/Restyle February 2021

Chambray Tunic + Red

Happy day, reader dear!

Getting this post ready made me sad… Looking back at February 2020’s photos for inspiration found me looking at pictures of our youngest grandson’s baptism, and a snap our two older grandsons inspecting applesauce oatmeal muffins (Muttins…) about to go into the oven. Wow. We had no idea what was coming a few short weeks later.

I’m blessed to say that we are all still present and healthy. Even if we only see each other at shouting distance. What a difference one short year makes. (Even if it was the longest year ever.) I pray you and yours are all present and healthy, too.

This month’s Style/Restyle got tricky rather quickly. Not just the memories, but the fact that many of the clothes I was wearing last February aren’t in my 2020/21 Winter Capsule Wardrobe. Why? The colors might not have fit this season’s palette, or more likely, the clothes just don’t flippin’ fit. The body. Fortunately, January’s Copycat Style Challenge inspired me to add the tunic below to my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. Thank goodness. That said, let’s see what we can pull together… A la 2021!

Style 2020

I chose this outfit to restyle because denim and red. The tunic hides a multitude of sins and I wanted something cheery to brighten a grey month. But not all the pieces were going to play this time around…

Restyle 2021

Usually you get a flatlay for a restyle, but I liked this outfit so much, I had to wear it… And you can’t flatlay a body. Unless you’re Stanley.

I restyled last year’s outfit for a more work-y day by swapping out the jeans for cropped trousers. To go with the red footwear theme, I grabbed my red pumps to replace the booties, although those would be fun, too! It’s #wearredweek, so I grabbed my red jacket and a pile of heart bracelets to sparkle it up.

Yes, those are heart shaped bangles. And dark spots on my hands… 😉

Here’s another outfit I’d have liked to restyle. I have the bottom half, but nothing currently in my wardrobe would give me that same feeling on the top! This winter’s wardrobe is more sweater-y than blouse-y. (Thanks, Covid.) My red jacket would have been too suit-y. (AND felt too much like Mrs. Claus!) My denim jacket would have worked, but been totally expected. Expected is not my jam. I like some surprise in my outfits! And too many made up adjectives in this paragraph.

How About You?

Are you using last year’s outfits as inspiration for this year? Do you take outfit selfies? If not, here are five reasons to do so. Give it a read! Do you prefer the expected or the unexpected in your outfits? How about in others’ outfits? (We can feel very differently about what we like for ourselves and for others…) Which look do you prefer? 2021 or 2020? What outfit have you restyled lately? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Restylishly yours,


  • CimmieS

    Appreciate the way/s you played with your garments. Here in Oz we’re in early autumn, & I’m starting to sort through warmer layers for the season. I challenged myself & purchased a turquoise wrap top, designed & made in Oz. Big smile 😊. This will go under midi tunics, with couple of skirts, pants. Main colours in my wardrobe are charcoal & black with black/white, red/white stripe, black, navy, white tees & two white shirts. Difficult to buy tights in colours other than black or dingy grey where I live. So I list the shades I’d like for when in a small city about 11/2 hours distant. Find shopping for hose hit & miss via the ‘net, as I prefer a cotton gusset.
    Love your red shoes…been looking for comfortable pair for almost 18 months. Ditto a red jacket.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Cimmie! And thank you for the compliment! I like to put the fun and play back into getting dressed. We lose that somewhere along the line… Dressing becomes just another chore. You’re right about shopping for hose being a challenge! I’d prefer to shop in person, but am still minimizing “out and about” time. Good luck finding a red jacket and shoe. It sounds like your wardrobe is very neutral heavy; the boost of the turquoise and red sounds like just the ticket!


    Liz, When my outfits are put together I’m laying them out at night. When I’m just doing o.k. I only put my outfit together in my mind at night.

    • Liz K

      I thought that might be part of it… It’s amazing the difference laying (or hanging) out your outfit the night before makes! It’s so much easier to make choices in the evening than in the morning when you’re still waking up! Make it part of your evening routine and I bet you’ll have more good outfit days than not!


    You found your red jacket! Amen! I really love the 2021 restyle much more! I love the unexpected in a outfit! If I actually take the time to style my outfit I’m pretty successful. Sad to say many days I have only thought over my outfit too little. Hopefully, when things are more normal and we can actually go places I will give my outfits more thought.I’m feeling better than I have in a long while so that helps.It only took a extra 30 minutes of dialysis which I really do consider a small price to pay to feel better daily. The Lord is so good to us! Have a blessed day!

    • Liz K

      That 30 minutes can make all the difference! Question for you, Natalie: Do you hang up/lay out your outfit the evening before, or wait until morning to figure it out?

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