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Style/Restyle November 2020

Jeans + Blouse + Jacket

Happy day, reader dear!

A new monthly feature? Maybe!

In order to make both readers and this blogger happy, I’m trying out a new monthly feature! I won’t bother to wait for the new year to try something new. Every day is a fresh start! The inspiration here is the summer Friday Flashback posts. Readers comment that they like the inspiration they get from the style and restyle posts. So I thought Let’s try taking and outfit from this month last year and give it a little style update! If I was really together, I’d post a few options and ask you to choose which you’d like to see restyled. That would require an entirely new level of preparation on my part and participation on yours. Let’s try shooting for that in 2021!

As I mention every few weeks, please feel free to Pin or share images (or the post) with your friends and on social media. (Tag me if you do! I’d love to connect with you.) It’s good for the blog and for me. I don’t get out a whole lot (Do any of us?), and it’s a great way for me to make new friends! Thank you.

Why am I so big on restyling? Well… (1) Restyling is good for your budget! (2) Restyling is good for the planet. (3) Restyling is an exercise in creativity, and most of us need more creative exercise. Yes, you are creative. All human beings are. It’s part of what makes us human! You just may be out of the habit. Or your creativity may be used elsewhere, say in the kitchen, or in the garden. You can apply that same gift to your outfits!

Style 2019

Why did I choose this outfit? Mostly logistics! This fall’s capsule wardrobe and last fall’s do not have a lot in common. None of the brown that played so heavily in fall 2019. But I do at least have the jeans and the blouse!

Let’s see. Replace the brown jacket with the only suit-y topper I included in this fall’s wardrobe. Choose shoes and jewelry and tote to play with the new colored topper and voila!

Restyle 2020

Hmmm… I think I need to wear this one soon! Come on, cool weather.

So how about you? Do you go back in time to look for fresh style inspo? How about to see how your style has changed? How far have you come? We are all on a style journey; 2020 has certainly thrown us a few detours along the way. How do you feel like your style has shifted this year? Do tell! I love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,

PS: If you are interested in how regular posts make the blogger happy… It’s lovely to have a schedule and not have to think about creating new amusing content all the time. Something regular on the calendar eases the mind and provides a structure in which the creativity can flow!


  • irene

    I really like these posts as well. And the trans-seasonal ones too. Normally I just look at the photoes in magazines etc and find it challenging to translate the looks to my real life. These posts help!
    thanks for your hard work

  • Meredith S

    I definitely like this year’s restyling of that outfit. Much better than original look.
    Is altering something, like shortening sleeves, considered re-styling? Or just using items in their original condition? I take my jewelry apart and put it together in new ways when styles change.
    Your blog has very good content and I look forward to it! Thanks!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for visiting, Meredith! (And for the lovely words. You made my Friday!) I wore this restyle this week and felt great. What constitutes restyling? I’d say that is in the eye of the beholder… I do both, but for these posts, I’m generally using the same (or similar) pieces. I love your taking jewelry apart and restyling it; we can all use the opportunity to get better use from what we buy!

      • Vickie

        I also love this feature of your blog. And I love the way you are creative without constantly buying something new.
        I also restyle my jewelry. I have more pendants than chains switch them depending on how long I need it to be for the outfit I am wearing.

        • Liz K

          Thank you for letting me know, Vickie! I find there are one or two chains that I constantly gravitate towards (That pesky balance point thing!). I store the pendants off their chains so that I can grab the best choices for the day and pair them. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!

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