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Summer Style/Restyle: Vol 4

White Jeans + Blue Shirt

Happy day, reader dear!

We’re officially on a roll! Four in a row. Saturdays that is…

Summer Saturdays mean it’s time to look back at what I was wearing this week last year, pick an outfit, and restyle it for the current year. A lot changes in a year. Clothes make their way out of the wardrobe. New ones enter. Your lifestyle changes. Your values change.

I know I’m not the only one whose style, values and wardrobe have shifted in the past year!

Every few weeks I throw out my PSA, which goes something like this:

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Now back to 2020… (Really? Does anyone want to go back there?)

Last Year’s Look

What’s Still in My Wardrobe?

The jeans and scarf, for sure. The jewelry, too. No, to the shirt. It went off to consignment a few weeks ago. Considering how many blue shirts I have (Many of them denim!), I should be able to pull something together. I still own the shoes but they are stored away for the season and I’d like to build this year’s ensemble with pieces I can find in my Summer Capsule Wardrobe. Let’s see if I can make that happen!

FYI: If the idea of a capsule wardrobe piques your interest, here’s an entire playlist…

The Summer 2021 Restyle

Let’s get REstyling! I grabbed the jeans and a similarly shaded blue shirt. Again, sans collar. I’m not a fan of collared shirts. For me. If you love them, please rock them! This one came with boring white buttons. I gave it a facelift and changed out the white buttons for pink, light blue, blue and dark green ones. I’m happier now! The scarf will be great as a neckerchief with this neckline. I pulled in my blue suede slingbacks and grabbed my hoops and two charm bracelets to finish the look. If closed shoes are too heavy for your weather, I also tried this:

I think I like it better with the white sandals! I’ll have to try both and let you know. I’ll pop them on Instagram when I do. Make sure to let me know which you prefer… Hmmmm. A cute pair of silver flats would be darling here, too! As for the bracelets? I’ll wear the originals for a workday. These charm bracelets are quite dangly-jangly. I’ll save those for a social occasion. Brunch, maybe? There I go again… The brunch beastie has returned!

How About You?

What was your fantasy eat-out meal last year? Are you a fan of white denim? What’s your favorite shade of blue? (Or if you don’t like blue, the one you tolerate!) Denim? Sky? Cobalt? Turquoise? Azure? Cornflower? Do tell! You are one of my favorite people to hear from… XO

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    After not wearing much blue for many, many years as it was a school uniform color, I am now returning to it and realise how much it suits me, especially now that my silver hair is growing in and I have light blue eyes and pale skin. I wore a light turquoise t-shirt recently very happily. In time I want to get more navy blue too.

    • Liz K

      What an interesting comment, Lise! We were just discussing color (and other dressing) preferences this weekend in the Style Reset group and childhood influences played a prominent role. Sometimes influencing what we like and other times driving us in the opposite direction! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Sally in St Paul

    The switched-out buttons on the blouse are terrific-looking. Both shoe options are great, but I personally like the blue ones. I love every shade of blue and lately I’m noticing that most of them love me back. I’m still waiting to find my pair of white jeans. The stripes on yours are very cool.

    • Liz K

      Good luck, Sally, with the white jean hunt! I find them even more difficult to find the right pair than with their colorful cousins. Some are so thin that they leave nothing to the imagination…


    Liz, I’m praying your family is well!!! I must say I’m not a fan of white shoes!! I ould prefer the blue or navy for me!! I have a hite denim skirt that I haven’t had a chance to ear yet. Too hot!! Later in the fall I’ll be able to ear it!! You alays have such creative idea’s!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you for your prayers, Natalie! We’ve got some peace of mind about the situation, and that’s a blessing. I never liked white shoes either, but as my hair works its way to more and more light, they’re a change of pace!

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