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(Jeans + White Tee) x7

Happy day, reader dear!

Woo hoo! I am glad to be done with the 7 Day Style Palette Cleanse. AND I’m equally glad I did it! Sounds like the same thing people say after a long run, or another physical challenge, doesn’t it?

What was the 7 Day Style Palette Cleanse? And why did I decide to do one? And what does it have to do with my normal Style/Restyle posts? The first answer is straightforward, the second and third, less so. The 7 Day Palette Cleanse was my decision and a challenge to wear the same thing, in this case jeans and a white tee, for 7 days straight. You could choose a dress, or dress trousers and one sweater, the base isn’t the point. (Although it’s REALLY important that you can manage laundry and be appropriately dressed for what your week holds!) I knew we were taking an overnight trip, and that I had mostly computer work and one or two Zoom meetings on my schedule, so blue jeans + white tee was the uniform for me!

My why is a little more complicated. I was stressed out (Aren’t we all?) and needed to clear all the bandwidth I could for some mental and emotional work I had going on. What’s one way to make fewer decisions? Have fewer choices in the closet. I thought about a 10X10, but choosing the 10 was another choice, and that’s what I was trying to avoid. So I went as simple as I could imagine. I thought to myself, I’ll just wear my jeans and a white tee for the next week. That means more ease. And as it turns out, it meant more space for time and creativity in other places in my life! (And only a backpack with toiletries and accessories for our overnight getaway to Greenville…)


What’s the Style/Restyle connection? Every other month or so, I drop a Style/Restyle post, taking an outfit from the same time last year and restyling it for this year. Well, today’s post has no last year’s comparison, but wearing the same pieces 7 days in a row certainly calls for some restyling! Think of it as a variation on my monthly Copycat Style posts, only I’m copycatting my own look. Speaking of copycatting, Jodie and tribe, at Jodie’s Touch of Style, are copycatting three of my styles on her blog this week, and I combo copycatted one of theirs Thursday! Make sure to look for their looks on Jodie’s Instagram. Jodie’s take should have gone live yesterday, and she said she was copycatting one of my apron looks… This should be interesting! 😉

Now before you freak out about laundry, I have two white tees. Neither was included in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe, but I decided it was fine to pull them out for this challenge, just like I will dip into my out of season boxes for other Style/Restyle or Copycat Style posts. They’ve been washed an put back in their appropriate places now that I’m done. I alternated tees and aired them between wearings. (It’s not desperately hot yet, and I wore an apron when we ate meals.) My jeans don’t get washed as often. (No Lycra in mine!) I did wash them after day 3 or 4 and hung them to dry overnight.

The Pieces

But you know me, I wasn’t about to just wear them alone… I mean I have to wear shoes at least, right?

The Style/Restyle Parade

Days 1-3

Days 4-6

Day 4 was a toss up as to which bag I wanted to carry, hence I shared both. We went to the Farmer’s Market, so the straw carried the day. Literally! And the finale?

Was I wearing the same thing every day? Yes. Exactly? No. Was I bored? Just a little… I really started craving color on day 3 or 4. Am I glad I did it? YES! Did I learn anything about me or my style? Yes, again. Although that’s fodder for another post…

Outfit Recipes

  1. J + WT + Large Silk Scarf (tied on neck) + Pumps
  2. J + WT + Straw Tote (with bandana) + Pendant Necklaces + Walking Sandals
  3. J + WT + Bandana at Waist + Straw Tote + Hoops + Walking Sandals
  4. J + WT + Leopard Gibby at Waist + Straw Tote + Studded Necklace + Metallic Flat Sandals
  5. J + WT + Polka Dot Neckerchief +Hoops + Silver Bracelets +Straw Tote + Floral Sandals
  6. J + WT + Pearl Overdose + Pumps
  7. J + WT + Brooch + Teardrop Earrings + Chunky Heel Pointy Flats

Feel free to copy any and all of these recipes that feel like you! And while you’re at it, please Pin or share on social media anything you find here on Closet Play Image that you find helpful, or you think a friend or family member would… Your shares are a fabulous way for me to meet new people! Thank you. From the bottom of my denim blue heart.

Recipe Substitutions

Any and all of these recipes will work for winter with a few swaps: If this were fall or winter, I’d substitute in a wool sweater for the tee and leather tote for the straw. Oh, and booties or flats for the sandals. In the heat of summer, I’ll trade the jeans for shorts, and the tee? Maybe for a tank. But I would need more of each piece. Summer’s heat and humidity make for a LOT of laundry!

If you asked me to wear the same shoes and accessories the whole time? I think you’d have a rebellion on your hands… If anything, the challenge/cleanse reinforced how key I find accessories to be for creating interest and change, especially if Building Basics make up the biggest part (or all of) your closet! I’ve done the jeans and white tee thing before as an intellectual exercise, and to demonstrate the power of a third piece to finish an outfit or how your shoes and bag can totally change the feeling of your outfit, but putting those intellectual pieces into play IRL was fun. AND challenging, but in a good way, not in a creating stress way!

Note: Kim of Gibby’s Frillery gifted me the scarf you see on Day 4, but I receive no financial remuneration for this link or any purchase you make. The link above is simply there for your convenience!

How About You?

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Would YOU wear the same thing for 7 days straight? Have you ever? Why or why not? Does that sound like a stress reliever or a stress creator? If you decide to try a Style Palette Cleanse, please tag me @closetplayimage on social media when you do! I’d love to see how you challenge yourself!

Stylishly yours,

AKA: The Denim Diva


  • Natalie R

    I could do this challenge with jeans and a striped tee. No pure white for me. I’m too messy. I’m all for ease which is why I own the same tee in 5 different colors and the same jeans in 3 washes

    Your brooch on Day 7 – did you do anything fancy on the back? I’m always worried I’ll catch it on something and tear my shirt.

    • Liz K

      Hi, Natalie! A striped tee would be fun for this challenge! I’m a messy Melvina myself, which is why I don an apron for cooking AND eating! As for the brooch, nothing fancy unless you count pinning it to my bra strap fancy. That keeps it from flapping about and getting caught on things. Pinning it on the side I did also keeps it out the way of the seatbelt. If we were living the the UK, I’d have pinned it on the other side. I learned that one the hard way…

  • Angie

    Hi, Liz! I think it would drive me crazy to wear just a white tee and just blue jeans every day. I crave variety; that’s why I always come up with outfit ideas to keep handy. I could do an outfit formula, though, such as any tee with any jeans. Plus I would want my third piece to include a topper as well as a scarf or shawl (such as a scarf, shawl, jacket, cardigan, kimono, vest or duster.) There are lightweight versions for warmer weather. Your experiment does sound enlightening in more ways than one: enlightened by lessons learned and lightened by the simplicity of it. (Lol!) Overall, this sounded like a fun challenge. Take care, Angie –

    • Liz K

      You’re not the only one it would drive crazy, Angie! I heard that a LOT! And I admit that if I had to do it for a month, it would drive me crazy. It was just a week. But certainly an enlightening week…

  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    We are going ‘home’ to visit our mothers next Friday for a week. And PC has made me promise to take only a carryon. UGH. So this might be exactly what I need to do. Pack a couple pairs of jeans, a white tee and maybe a one colored tee and then several accessories to make fresh outfits with those ingredients. Love the gingham shoes, the brooch, the bandana, the scarf on the bag. They all add such pizzaz.


    Liz, I ould be simple so very stressed doing this challenge! Although I’ve been earing the same lounge outfits since lockdon! Ugh!!! But I can see ho this ould be done ith a hite tee and simple blue jeans!! Lots of accessories!!

    • Liz K

      I know it would stress out a LOT of people, Natalie! For me the simplicity reduced stress! And ALWAYS lots of accessories!

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