Style Staple #1: A Long Necklace

Happy day, reader dear!

I’m having such a lovely August! I hope you are as well! Last week, I announced Style Camp, a month of style learning, style exploration, and making new friends. That’s why I call it camp! Style should be fun! (Now if you had a horrible camp experience, I’m sorry… Think of it as Style Spa instead?) Each week will be focused on one of four style topics that we will explore together within in a closed/private Facebook group which will enable you to ask questions, interact with the other learners, and explore your style in a safe and supportive environment. The blogging break (and subsequent post re-issues) is giving me time to work on the Style Camp Beta which begins September 1st.

Previously, I shared how our wardrobes are made out of different categories of pieces… Not categorized by item (shirts, pants, dresses, etc), but by purpose. When I look at a wardrobe to how it is working, I look for Building Basics, Style Staples, and WardrObe Wonders. (Yes, that O is big for a reason: WOW!) For an overview of the building blocks that make up a versatile wardrobe, read here.

After identifying a client’s style recipe and digging about in the closet to find what Building Basics we have to work with, I start hunting for Style Staples to make those Basics into outfits with personality. The first thing I look for is…

Style Staple #1: Long Metallic Necklace

No, this is not something I look for in a man’s closet! Your long necklace can be gold-tone, silver, pewter, rose gold, matte, shiny, bold, or less so. Choose one that best suits your coloring and personality. It must be able to stand alone; if you need to layer it with other necklaces to make it work, it defeats the purpose! We want throw and go. Metallics are neutrals, and a great way to add some shine and a finish to a very simple look. It takes a plain top and bottom from Cover-My-Nakedness to Outfit in 15 seconds or less. It’s all about intentionality!

Two benefits to a long necklace: It creates vertical lines which can help us look taller and/or slimmer, and worn outside a top a long necklace feels less sticky-sweaty than a short one laying on exposed skin in hot and humid summer weather. (Or when we are having a personal summer…) This is the one I’ve been crushing on lately!

Image from Premier Designs (Grand Opening)

Do not leave your Long Necklace buried in a drawer! It’s a gem. Keep it handy for those running late/kids are making me crazy/no time mornings. If you are very busty, look for a pendant or Y style that falls between the breasts, rather than “off the cliff.” The long necklace is not for everyone. If you don’t want a necklace ending on a rounded tummy, look for one that ends higher, at your narrowest point. (This may be mid bust, or just below.)

Lest you think long necklaces are only for those past toddler-time, I have seen darling teething necklaces out there! (Just another thing I wish they’d had when I was in those wilds…) No, these aren’t metallic, but they are darling! And so much cooler to chew than keys!

So how about you? Do you have a favorite throw-and-go necklace? What’s yours like? How does it reflect your personality? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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