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Style Staples: #2 Short Colored Necklace

Happy day, dear reader!

Today I thought I would share with you the second installment in the Style Staples series. Style Staples are those pieces that help you turn the Building Basics in your closet into a look with intention. When I work with a client, we identify a client’s style recipe and start by digging about in the closet to find what Building Basics we have. Then we hunt for Style Staples to make those Basics into outfits with personality. The first Style Staple I chose was a Long Necklace. The second piece I look for is a…

Short Colored Necklace

When I say a colored necklace, I am distinguishing it from a neutral or metallic necklace. Here I mean a rainbow color, or a tint or shade of the same. Now, before you start thinking enormous statement necklace, or cheap and cheerful beads, slow down. I would only suggest those as your Short Colored Necklace if it suited your personality AND values! Why do I choose a Short Colored Necklace for Style Staple #2?

Reason 1: Color Flatters

 So many women have neutral heavy wardrobes, or are required to wear a neutral top or topper for work. The right color near your face makes your skin look clearer, and your eyes brighter. It’s flattering! Neutrals (especially black) can be draining on many women, especially as the more vibrant coloring of our younger days begins to soften. That doesn’t mean that your colored necklace has to be bright; if softer colors are better for you, and you like them, then softer colors are your place to start.

Reason 2: Color Attracts

Color, like sparkle, draws the eye, so why not draw the eye to where people should be looking? Your face. Your face is your communication center (And you thought it was your phone!). Anytime you are face to face (or on screen) with someone, why not keep their attention where it belongs?

Reason 3: Color Distracts

This is a corollary to Reason 2. Redirection… If you don’t want someone focused on your body, drawing attention to you face does that! It’s like redirecting a toddler. Saying “NO!” isn’t enough, you have to give them something else to do. Or as one of my favorite style bloggers, Imogen Lamport, says. “If you’re looking at my eyes, your’re not looking at my thighs!” Done. That’s enough of a reason for me! Often, women spend their time trying to hide the parts they don’t like and forget that you need not only to camouflage, but you need to redirect the gaze, to where you want the focus to be! It’s what magicians do. Make your own magic!

So how about you? What would your ideal short colored necklace be? A statement piece? Semi-precious stones? An emerald pendant? A Native American style turquoise necklace? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

PS: I owe a thank you to Amy Rose, my Premier Designs jeweler for loaning me samples for my Style Staples posts!

PPS: And many thanks to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for the Link-Up!


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