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In the Dog Days!

Happy day, Reader Dear!

Whew. It is hot.

Satan’s armpit hot.

Fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.

Don’t even want to get dressed hot. The dog days.

The other day is was only 95 degrees. And I realized that I never thought I’d string those three words together. Only. 95. Degrees. That’s madness! (And 35 degrees C)

These kind of days I am thankful I am a woman. I’m not required to wear long trousers. Or closed toe shoes.

Dog days… No they have nothing to do with panting pups.

We call them the dog days because the Dog Star, Sirius, appears in the sky at the feet of the hunter, Orion. It is the brightest star in the night sky during the hottest part of the year, mid-July through early September.

And boy are we in them.

We’ve had weeks of temps hovering near and at 100. I know we aren’t the only ones.

Seems like a good time to chat about hot weather style.

Style for the dog days, as you will. (No dogs were harmed in the writing of this article!)

Tips (I’m sure you know all of them already! Think of this as a reminder…)

Natural Fibers in Light Colors

Think cottons, linen, bamboo and Tencel. Avoid polyester, nylon and other man made fibers. I find performance wicking fabrics are simply not breezy enough. As for light colors, white isn’t for everyone; try ivory, light blues and greys, light sage, olive or stone. These lighter colors reflect more light away from you, and less light means less heat!

Air Circulation

This is dress weather, ladies! Look for styles with no waistband. You may see the descriptors: shift, swing or tiered describing breezy dresses. If you must wear shorts, a skirt or trousers, leave your top untucked to catch any stray breeze.

All images from

Sleeveless is not always the best choice. You may find a loose sleeved dress cooler as it keeps the sun off!

Woven Fabrics

I know, everyone loves their tees, but woven fabrics that swing away from the body allow more of that air circulation we all need in the heat! Look for loose weaves and super lightweight fabrics like gauzes, poplins and voile.

Lighter Makeup Products

I switch my moisturizer to a gel formula when the weather heats up and opt for a super simplified makeup routine: Concealer, Waterproof Mascara, a dusting of Highlighting Powder and a Bright Lip. (You could do bronzer if you are warm complexioned. I can’t. Bronzer just makes me look like I need to wash my face!) Anything else is superflous. Except sunscreen. Must. Wear. Sunscreen.

Airy Shoes

If wearing sandals to work is not an option, d’Orsay pumps or peeptoes have better airflow than fully closed shoes. Also think light in color for shoes. A nude shoe has a lighter visual feel–and a lighter visual feel goes a LONG way!

All images from (PS: I have the sandals and they are SUPER comfortable!)

Hat or Umbrella

Create your own shade wherever you go! When we lived in Spain, we would see Asian tourists wandering about with umbrellas when there was nary a cloud in the sky. It didn’t take long for us to follow suit! Sometimes a hat is impractical. Sometimes an umbrella is. Why not have both and use whichever works for your situation! (Want to learn more style tips I picked up in Spain? Read this!)

Take a peek at this quick video if you feel the need to style or restyle your hat!

For a few more tips, you’ll find some more ideas in last week’s post, 3 Simple Summer Outfit Recipes!

How About You?

What’s the weather like where you live? What are your favorite tips to stay cool and stylish in the summer heat? Are you a hat wearer? Do you have a preferred hat silhouette?

Stylishly yours,

PS: Style School starts next Tuesday, 1 August 2023! Join us and let’s get your every day style feeling special event fabulous!



    Liz, I have a very light skin tone and never could find a bronzer not orange or muddy on me until I found Laura Geller Bronzer in Fair on You’ll have to give it a try!!! Just wait for a sale if you find her more expensive than you’d like.

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