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Styled for Work and Play: Denim Shirt

Hello reader dearest!

Hope you are having a lovely day! Today’s installment is brought to you by my friends on Facebook. I put out a post asking what should be the next clothing item tackled for Styled for Work and Play, and the response was a Denim Shirt. Now I love a denim shirt, and it can be worn in lots of ways, for both work and play, but I will throw out this caveat… If your work dress code is very formal, suits for both men and women or jacket always required, and Casual Friday means chinos, sport shirt, and blazer, these work looks won’t be for you. If your work dress code is more relaxed, and jackets are optional, and jeans appear regularly for Casual Friday, then you might find something here that will work for you!

The Piece

My old as dirt (Maybe not quite, but pretty old… Note the worn patches on the elbows!), this shirt has been a wardrobe staple for years. It works as a shirt, a lightweight jacket, and an overshirt. It is one of the few collared shirts I own. Most collared shirts are too structured and crisply formal for me, but in denim I can handle a collar. Even though a collar says “structure,” the denim takes it to a far more relaxed place. I also LOVE how they took the time to dart the bust and scale the pockets down for a female frame. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth (and maybe some patching!) when those elbows finally wear through.

Western Style Snap Front Denim Shirt

Work It

As I said in the intro, if your work dress code is very formal, you may not be able to get away with a denim shirt for work, except maybe at the company picnic, but if your dress code is more relaxed, here are some looks to try…

This first work look layers the denim shirt under a sheath dress. I added a chunky multi-strand necklace that combines the rugged of the denim with the more sleek elements of the sheath. If I wanted to make this more casual, I would have added boots, but since I wanted more polish, I choose the grey suede wedges, and a more refined watch and bracelet. For earrings, I might choose some rose gold/copper toned hoops, or a stud reflecting the lavender blues of the necklace, depending on the texture of the day!

Here’s how I styled the same sheath and shirt during the summer… This time as an overshirt with bright beads and floral pumps! Here the dress acts more like a skirt. For the drive and for outside in the heat I could take off the shirt for comfort, and still cover up for frosty A/C and my meeting.

Work It Take 2:

This second work could be considered more typical. Yes, you’ve seen that red skirt before, in the first Styled for Work and Play post! Here, rather than the boots it was styled with previously, I opted for the sleeker, more professional (and still comfy) pointy-toed patent pumps. They have a sturdy box heel that plays well with the rougher nature of the shirt. Instead of leaving the shirt-tails out, it’s tucked and polished up with a pile of pearls. I know this is probably more pearls than most would wear, but the shirt needs more than one strand to balance the rugged. A single classic strand would look precious and out of place here. I’d style this with just the grey, or just the silver and white with this if multi-pearl overkill doesn’t work for you!

Play It

I’ll own this one. This is one of my favorite casual looks, and my favorite default for fabulous travel! #sorrynotsorry about the alliteration. No belt to remove for airport security, no other jewelry to take off and pile in the bin to be scanned, a crossbody bag that tucks right into my carry-on, and sneakers for comfy travel and miles of walking wherever I go.

Here it is with the bracelets that were tucked in the outside pocket of my crossbody until clearing security!

Just in case you were worried, there is a scarf in my carry-on for on the plane…

Play It Take 2:

I’ve added this look from earlier this fall even though I know that double denim is not everyone’s thing. Some people wouldn’t be caught dead in denim on denim, but if D2 isn’t morally offensive to you, here’s a look to consider, and a post about ways to make double denim more user friendly and avoid the throwback feel. Here, I styled my trusty denim shirt with a silk scarf and pearl hoop earrings for a little luxury. I added my denim besties (my 501’s with the frayed cropped hem) and my new white booties.

Play It Take 3:

This last look just sort of happened on the floor since our weather has been chilly in the mornings, and I really wanted something that had a fall holiday feel. Same old shirt with the sleeves rolled, paired with my red/berry jeans and grey booties. I love belting this blanket size scarf! This one adds a bit of warmth, and the belt keeps it from being a slidey nuisance. If I need more warmth, I can open it further and wear it as a wrap. I added rose gold tone earrings, a casual watch and wrap bracelet, and rough beads to finish the look.

How about you? Do you have a denim or chambray shirt? Do you wear it, or does your closet? If your closet does most of the wearing, why is that? Ironing issues? Or something else? If it’s styling issues, hopefully this gave you some inspiration, but if your denim shirt is just not comfortable (physically or emotionally), then bless someone else with it, and wear what makes your world a happier place!

If there is something you would like me to feature on Styled for Work and Play, let me know in the comments below… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

Heartfelt thanks to Jess at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish for hosting her Tuesday Link-Up Party!

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