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Styled Three Ways: Three Seasons!

White Jeans + Silk Shirt (OR Chambray)

Happy day, Dear Reader of mine!

What kind of weather are you having?

In our neck of the woods, spring has sprung.

And with it, all the seasonal changability that spring brings.

Some days feel like winter.

Some feel like spring.

Others feel like summer.

And some are all three seasons in one day!

What’s a capsule gal to do?

Make it work!

Let’s take two super basic pieces from my Winter Capsule Wardrobe and make them work. For ALL three seasons of spring. We’ll simply change up the layers and accessories!

The Pieces

This light blue silk shirt has been working hard ever since I found it on Ebay and added it to my wardrobe. The white jeans (Yes, white jeans even in winter!) were another Ebay find that I cropped to suit my taste and style. If you need some online and IRL preloved shopping tips, this post is for you!

If a silk shirt feels too posh, these outfits will work beautifully with a chambray shirt, too!

Styled for Winter

Let’s run counter to the white jean image and get cozy! Button the shirt to the top and tie a small scarf around your neck. Grab a fluffy scarf if it works for your weather! Then layer a cardigan over the shirt. I chose grey and marled because it works well with my hair. Belt it if you like to create shape and control the volume. Roll back the shirt cuffs over the cardigan for a little extra color and style. Pop on a pair of booties, snake patterned in this case for sass and style. A pair of mottled earrings finish the look.

Styled for Spring

Let’s lighten things up! This time, open the shirt collar and tie a neckerchief inside. I chose green for a spring vibe. For a layer over, try a light moto jacket. This one makes the look less cozy and more sleek. A few bracelets in greens, golds and tan and brass and silver hoops add polish. Pewter flats finish the look and let a little fresh air circulate.

Styled for Summer

Losing the topper is key for summertime, especially if you live somewhere hot and sticky. The shirt is half-tucked in the front for a more relaxed look that still lets air move. The neckerchief is tied much more loosely for the same reason. Can’t handle a scarf in the summer? Swap it out for a Colored Necklace! Silver hoops and my peace dove pendant are all the jewels I want with this look and a pair of green sandals adds color without being bright or flashy. I need cool colors and calm in the heat of summer!

Another outfit featuring these two pieces was one of my faves of 2021. You can see that one, here!

How About You?

What’s the weather like for you this season? Does spring mean 3 seasons in one day for you, too? Are you a multi-season styler? How would you describe the colors you prefer for Winter? Spring? Summer? Or do you love and wear the same colors year ’round?

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    Today is the first day of the sartorial season I call Winter/Spring, aka More Winter. But the high temps are now hovering around the freezing point, so it’s an improvement over Winter, aka Minnesota Winter, so I’ll take it! The light blue shirt is so pale that I couldn’t tell it wasn’t white until the Summer outfit. The variable styling of the little scarf based on the “season” of outfit is just so Liz, I love it. My current layering adjustment is still how the thicker scarf/pashmina is tied and whether the quilted vest is on over my sweater or not 😉

    • Liz K

      Having grown up in Wisconsin, I totally understand Winter/Spring (aka: More Winter) as its own season! You are spot on about More Winter being ALL about the weight of the layers, Sally. You work your season fabulously!

  • Gail McKelvey

    Cute looks!! I am still trying to get brave enough to wear white pants AFTER Labor Day…Can’t help it, it is in my genes or out of my jeans in this case! HaHa!

    • Liz K

      It sounds, Gail, like you have a LOT of Classic in your personality style! Classics often struggle with breaking the White after Labor Day thing. I won’t even call it a rule since it was “created” to distinguish the classes… I’ll create my own, thank you.

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