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Style It Three Ways!

Happy day, dear reader!

A client texted me the other day with a dressing room selfie, asking what I thought. (Yes, this is something I do for my clients, although I can’t always answer right away!) She was trying on a top that was not her everyday style. It suited her coloring, and body shape, and I told her so. Then I asked her “Can we style this three different ways for you?” There were lots of bubbles on the other end… Then she replied “With three different pairs of jeans doesn’t count, does it?”

Sadly, no, it doesn’t… Versatility is an important value for this client. It didn’t used to be, and she is trying to learn a new way of thinking. She has very different work and casual wardrobes, and is trying to streamline her wardrobe to simplify her mornings (And to save money for a dream!) The Style-It-3-Ways question is a great one to take to the mall with you. Added bonus: It’s easy to carry!

This question works whatever your lifestyle, or budget. It’s related to my mother’s You-Can-Dress-It-Up-or-Down praise, and it helps prevent Wardrobe Orphans. Wardrobe Orphans are those lonely items in your closet that rarely see the light of day because they don’t play well with others. Or they played really well with that pair of trousers that finally gave up the ghost, and you have not been able to replace, but you are still hoping…

One key to making it easier to answer “YES!” to “Can we style this three different ways for you?” and have you skipping happily to the register, pulling out your wallet on the way is to choose items from the middle Level of Refinement for your lifestyle. Those are the kind of pieces that dress up or down well.

This woman has a bright personality, warm intense coloring, and a workplace that expects professional attire. She can throw on the shawl, leopard print pumps, and dangly earrings for a date after work, or the sandals, tote, and jean jacket for a casual brunch with friends. (The blazer, pumps, and work bag can stay in the credenza in her office, and no one will be the wiser. She’s always the first one at the office in the morning!)

Another way to work the Three Ways is to change up the style personality of the item in question. Maybe you play with lots of different styles, and want to find pieces to express those with less work! Nary a work look here… But three fun ways to dress for date night!

Lest you think this only works with dresses, here’s a top three ways…

Now let’s take those grey dress trousers and see what we can do with those!

So, what’s your favorite Three Ways item in your wardrobe? How do you style it? Or did this post get you thinking in a new way? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below. I love to hear your thoughts…

Stylishly yours,

Many thanks to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for the Link-Up!


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