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Stylists Are Not Just for Famous People

Happy day, dear reader!

Who hires an Image and Wardrobe Coach or possibly a Stylist?

Not just famous people! There are as many reasons for hiring a professional as there are clients. The reasons generally fall into “fish for me” and “learn to fish” categories. Neither is better than the other! They are just different.

Some people are overwhelmed by shopping and want someone to do it for them. Contrary to popular opinion, not every woman loves to shop, and not every man hates it!

Many people have not been taught what styles of clothing, types of fabrics, and colors help them look their best.

If you took HomeEc in the 1950’s or early 60’s, or learned to sew and tailor…

You learned about proper clothing fit.

You learned how to choose clothing for different activities and occasions.

You learned how to identify quality in a garment.

You learned how to build a solid working wardrobe for your life and goals.

You learned how to budget for and spend wisely on your family’s clothing.

You learned the basics of art/style: line/design, color, and composition, and how they relate to dressing.

(Yes, all this was part of many HomeEc curricula!) Many people today have never learned these basics!

Others hire a coach because…

They are tired of being passed over for promotion.

They are traveling for business and want to know what’s appropriate at their destination.

They want to support their beloved’s career.

Some want the tools to spend their money more wisely.

Some have more clothes than closet, and want help getting rid of the deadwood.

Many have tried lots of styles but none feel genuine or “right.”

Many are starting a new life…

They are getting married.

They are getting unmarried.

They are dating again.

They are going back to work.

They are changing jobs.

They are retiring.

They have a new shape to learn how to dress.

They have changed abilities or have limitations to learn to work with.

They are going to travel more, and want to pack lightly but well.

And so many more! Yes, it’s true that there is tons of information out there to learn any and all of the things above, but a guide to help you through the process and sort your personal wheat from chaff can be worth his or her weight in gold.

This is why I LOVE my job… No two days are alike, AND I get to help people feel better about themselves! Win/Win.

How about you? Do you recognize yourself in any of the above? Did any of the reasons surprise you? Did you know that working as an Image and Wardrobe Coach can be so wide-ranging? Please let me know in the comments below… I love to hear your thoughts!

Stylishly yours,

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