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Summer 2019 Capsule: Midpoint Check In

AKA: How goes it?

Happy day, dear reader!

How’s your summer (or winter) going? It’s been ridiculously hot, humid and just plain old wet here in Augusta this summer. We may have lived here for 12+ years now, but I will never get used to summers here. I wouldn’t mind so much if when it rained, the air cleared and temperatures came down, but that’s not how we do it here. Rain leaves us just as hot as before and even more humid. Yuck. But we’re not here for the weather. If the weather is the only thing I have to complain about, then life is beautiful!

Other than that summer is swimming along beautifully wardrobe-wise. As a reminder, here was my Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2019 Inspiration Board:

If you want to see the pieces I chose to include, click here for the video!


I am still loving these colors. I haven’t found myself jonesing for variety. They feel happy, cool, simple, and airy. What more could you want when anything under 95 qualifies as a “nice day”?

Since mid-spring, I have been without a white blazer/jacket/coat. I have a white jean jacket, but in this case I mean a grownup wear-to-work jacket. I wept when my favorite didn’t make it through the cleaners well, and have been trying to get it clean ever since. Alas, no joy. I am storing it for use as a pattern when I find the right fabric in which to have it made. As the lifespan of a white/light jacket is short, especially if you are a Messy Marvin like I am, finding one on sale seems the best option. Well, last week I did. It’s nothing like my old one, this one is tweedy and has a decidedly Chanel vibe, but I can go with that. It was on ridiculous sale at Talbot’s, so I have a jacket to get me through the rest of warm season. As long as I am incredibly careful. In.Cred. Ib. Ly.

Fave Five

In no particular order!

This is an awful lot of ruffles for me! But this summer that softer look is working just fine. As a matter of fact, I’m loving it. Maybe I’m going all girly… Nah. I still had to toughen it up with the black and hematite accessories and the denim jacket.

This outfit was a restyle of last year’s blogday outfit. I wore it to brunch with our tribe for Father’s Day. I could wear this combo three times a week and still be happy. I love the lightness, the sparkle of the silver, and the unexpected pop of the princess blue.

Grey and white striped shirtdress. One and done. Ridiculous earrings. Floral pumps. What’s not to love? I know, it’s not classic, sharp, or elegant, but it is breezy and fun, which is far more important and more me! If you are looking for more ways to style a shirtdress (or shirt dress, if you prefer) check this post.

Grey and pink/blush is turning into one of my favorite color combinations. I love how just a touch of black gives it some gravitas and punch, without making it dark and heavy. These trousers have been another year round staple for about two years now, and in heavy rotation. If they’ve been worn about once a week X 52 weeks X 2 years, that’s 104 wearings. Nice. That gives me some great cost per wear. I know it’s probably time to start looking for a replacement… They won’t last forever!

Last… A much darker outfit. But certainly not nearly as dark as I used to wear regularly. Nude shoes to keep from shortening my legs even further than the crops already do. Colored jewelry to draw the eye up for vertical direction. A column of color/value for a little extra length. And sparkle to focus attention back up near the face. You’d never know I was feeling a little fluffy in this outfit that day!

So that’s it for me, peeps! How about you? Do you track what you wear? Have you been happy with your summer (winter) wardrobe so far? What colors are you wearing the daylights out of this season? What is that telling you about yourself? Do share in the comments below! I love to hear from you…

Style is a tool for lifelong exploration!

Stylishly yours,

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