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Summer 2020 Bucket List

Happy day, reader dear!

Summer is here! (At least in the Northern Hemisphere…) Or will be tomorrow! I love how summer feels just a little more relaxed. Even if nothing else changes work-wise, there’s just a difference in the air. No pressure to cook, a nice big salad can be dinner, and for some reason, I don’t feel guilty ordering pizza on a summer Friday night. It’s vacation after all! Even if there’s nothing vacation-y about the next few months here at Closet Play…

Last summer, we were awaiting a new grandbaby, so I took the month of August off from blogging. This summer, no grandbaby, and no travel vacation, either. For the most part, it will be work as usual. I have planned two weeks off from blogging, and might work in third just because… But those don’t really qualify as a break. The content all has to be up and ready for you in advance!

Spring’s Bucket List stayed pretty close to home, and will again for summer. Since I knew that when I made it, I focused my list items on the Kitchen (Food), Garden, and the House. These worked well, so I’m running with them again, with the change of Kitchen/Food for Health! If you want a debrief from Spring, read about my check-in here, not much changed… Just a little more progress on the cabinets, and a Jumpstart June 11-Day eating challenge with a group on FB.


  • Keep progressing through the NHS Couch to 5K. I started last week, and have completed all the weeks in past years. The gym is still out for me and I need to get moving more.
  • Go for a bike ride each weekend. (Weather permitting.) Mr. CP wants to train for a triathlon, and was kind enough to check my bike over a few weeks ago. We’ve gone for a ride one morning each weekend, and I’ve enjoyed the time together away from the house and the fresh (fresh-ish) air!
  • Measure my portions! I need to recalibrate my eye (and tummy) by measuring and weighing what I eat. I’ve been eating more than I need, as evidenced by the tightness around my waistband and in the thighs of my jeans… Ugh. I never appreciated my metabolism in my 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s. I need to start appreciating the one I have here in my 50’s before my 60’s get here!


  • Declutter one (1) item daily from the garage. This is going to be a challenge. There’s old paint, and other items I will have to research before disposing of… There are also oodles of goodies we haven’t touched in years but belong to Mr. CP, so I can’t magic them away.
  • Keep up with my weekly cleaning routines, start zone cleaning.
  • Finish painting the kitchen cabinets and drawers.


  • Work on the gravel. I know that sounds weird, but we have a brick area to our patio, and a gravel area with a fire pit. The weeds in the gravel need evicting, so every few days I need to do some weeding out there.
  • Enjoy that fire pit. The pit was an anniversary gift from our sons, and we’ve not spent any time outside at the fire since last fall.
  • Waterseal the playset in the backyard. It’s past time. We have the sealant. WE just need to get the project moving.

So how about you? Do any of my bucket list items above cross with yours?

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I kept my summer bucket list pretty close to home, too. With just a couple of hopeful activities in case life begins to return to normal. But just as we had loosened restrictions some, the city council amended their policy and we have to wear masks everywhere again.

    We need to stay on top of the weeds in our rock garden. That is an on going project. Our garage needs some love, too. Managed to get my house in pretty good shape this spring but now it’s time to work on the garage, I guess.

    Good for you to continue working toward a 5k. If we ever feel safe enough about returning to the gym, I would like to run a little further than the mile we are running now.

    Plan a couple of late dinners or snacks/wine around the fire pit in the coming months. It will be such fun.

    • Liz K

      I used to take the attitude that if you wanted something to grow there, it wasn’t a weed, but that will only take you so far… Late supper around the fire sounds lovely! Thank you for a brilliant idea. I think that may play in perfectly with our “Trip to Capri!” (It will all be in my imagination, but that’s better than no trip at all!)

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