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Summer 2020 Capsule Debrief

And Summer Faves!

Happy new season, reader dear!

I know it’s not technically fall (or spring) yet, but in my mind, we’re already there! September means fall, even if the calendar says it’s 20 more days until autumn begins, and our weather won’t feel like fall until November. (If we are lucky!)

Since I’ve been thinking about fall style and my capsule for the last few weeks of August, that means it’s time to take a good look at summer and how it went, sartorially speaking. We all know how summer 2020 went in other arenas. Let’s not dwell on it.

Each season when I plan my capsule, I look back at the previous season to evaluate what worked, what didn’t, what I wore, and what I didn’t. The idea is to take lessons from one season into the next… (I’ll go peek back at last Fall 2019’s Debrief, too, for any pitfalls I might like to avoid!) Here’s a reminder of my Summer Capsule Inspo board, and a link to the post with the Edit.

Note: The faves pics here are posted in date order. I might love one at the bottom more than one at the top. It’s just how the calendar falls!


Summer 2020’s capsule video had 25 pieces, some of which were never worn, and were replaced by others. It’s always about the numbers, but even MORE about the Wardrobe Balance! I certainly was not lacking for clothing or for outfit options this summer.

It was the deets that made me love this outfit so very much…

Other wins? I didn’t find that I missed my pink really at all this summer. I was a little nervous about not including any pink pieces (since pink is my happy color), but I think the lilac and lavender were close enough to keep my happy vibe rolling along!


One: Once I pulled together my “travel capsule” for our Capri Staycation, I was loathe to add my other clothing back in when we “returned.” Laundry considerations and work needs had me adding a few pieces, but I ended August with 21 items in rotation. That number might need to be my starting point for fall.

Two: Gold and brass jewelry that rocked my summer. WHAT? I don’t do gold/brass, but it was perfect for my Capri Staycation vibe, and I was so tickled by how it looked and felt that I kept wearing that little mini-jewelry capsule for the rest of the summer. (I did add a few silver pieces back in, but VERY few.)

The look above was from our staycay, and yes,I know it is costume-y. I wanted to channel that retro starlet vibe, so I did.

Three: For a girl who doesn’t like cutoffs, I loved mine this summer! Blame it on Covid. I was happy to take these cutoffs right out of the wash and put them back on. They fit perfectly with the out and out lazy dressing vibe of summer 2020. And I liked how they roughed up other more refined elements like…

…the embroidered blouse above. (This blouse with those shorts was on my faves shortlist, but a girl has to draw the line somewhere!)

Lessons Learned

This summer was (OBVS) even more casual than previous incarnations! I could have selected all shorts for bottoms and not had any issues. Which means… I have a feeling my capsule for Fall is too dressy as planned. I’ll have to take a good hard look and make sure that all the items are dress down-able.

Beware! By now, I do not want to see another broderie/eyelet/lacey blouse as long as I live. Done. Too girly. I wondered if this LWD replacementnwas going to feel too Boho, and yes, it does. It was fine for a bit (especially for the staycay), but the appeal wore thin quickly. I love the blouse, but it feels too Little House on the Prairie unless I pair it with my cutoffs. It’s too twee with anything else. Strike two? It’s not amenable to necklaces. And I love my accessories!

The shift in the style air that I wrote about for summer feels like it’s here. I’m not sure if I am reacting to the chaos that is 2020 or if the changes I’m feeling will be my new style normal. But I’ll dig more into that in the upcoming 2020 Fall Capsule post!

FYI: I still have yet to winnow down the bag collection like I mentioned in my last debrief. I have a feeling it’s going to be some time before I really need to think about bag and outfit coordination. No, I don’t change daily, but I do like to change if we have an event. Nothing ruins a special outfit like hauling your bulky everyday bag…

So how about you? How has your summer (or winter) wardrobe been working? Any sartorial lessons from #workfromhome? What changes would make your wardrobe more functional? Or maybe just more fun?

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    I enjoyed wearing my cut-offs, too. Had a white and a blue denim pair. Even with their fringed, raw hem the white ones felt a little bit dressy. Missed wearing my embroidered tops this season but just didn’t go anywhere that merited wearing them. Might still be time before fall arrives completely. I love the pattern mixing in your embroidered top outfit. Seems that look could carry you into the first of fall.

    Will be anxious to see what you put find in the way of bags. I never spend much money on them (or anything) really. Would like a new bag for fall. Will look forward to your recommendations.

    • Liz K

      Thank you for the visit, Leslie! I’m curious… Why do you have to go somewhere that “merits” them. I’m going to sound like a scold, but: Life merits wearing what makes you happy. You woke up today. That merits special! Whether you “go anywhere” or not. If you want to wear those embroidered tops, wear them. Don’t wait. For lounging around the house, for taking out the trash, for all the ordinary pieces of life. If you love them, wear them. Today. (Well, maybe not all of them at once… That might be too many layers!) I love a good bag and find they’re intensely personal! This might help you get going in the right direction:

  • Lise

    Interesting! My faves analysis for summer 2020 also revealed 20 items I could have lived in all summer long. Last summer it was 35. This is not related to covid as our summer life has been the same as any other. I think it is more related to me having inadvertently pulled together a really workable mix and match capsule within my wardrobe, and it just so easy to pair nearly all the pieces together with not too much thought. I am liking this minimalist vibe and want to stay on this path going forward.

    • Liz K

      Sounds like a WIN for Lise! I love it when a plan (or accident) comes together so beautifully! It’s always good to look back and see what you can take forward. The tug toward more simplicity is growing in me, too! Thank you for visiting! Have a lovely week… XO

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