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Summer Bucket List 2021

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Happy day, reader dear!

No matter what season you find yourself in! We’ve made it to summer, and that feels like another small victory!

When the email from Leslie at Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After popped into my box about a week ago, I thought, Summer? Bucket List? Did I even make a bucket list for spring? Oh, dear…

So much for living intentionally/mindfully. What did I have on that list? What happened? I know it’s time for another list because I already pulled together my Summer Capsule Wardrobe and posted about that, so…


Where does the time go?

Time to regroup! I seem to be doing a LOT of regrouping lately. We joke that our family motto is Semper Gumby, AKA: Always Flexible and this past season has certainly put it to the test.

If you are new to Closet Play Image (The Blog), Welcome!


SPRING 2021: Now that I have a new bike, getting out again for weekend bike rides would be fun AND good for me. If I had to choose one of these categories for a win, this would be my first choice. Health is the biggest win. SUCCESS! We’ve been out for a few bike rides, and I am LOVING my new so-much-lighter bike! I am struggling with the new gear shifting pattern and find myself in the wrong gear more often than not, but progress is happening. I’m also jogging again, doing intervals using the NHS Couch to 5K. I’ve done it before and it’s a progression that has worked well for me in the past.

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SUMMER 2021: Keep up the weekend rides and making progress on the Couch to 5 K. I’m finishing up week 2, so by Fall’s Bucket List, I should be able to run 5K non-stop. That or 35-45 minutes… That would be a real confidence booster to me. Now to stay uninjured!


SPRING 2021: Weather permitting, I’d like to finish the kitchen cabinets I started painting last spring and summer. Once the weather got cold and soggy, the project went on hold. We found new hinges and magnets that are working beautifully, so I’d love to get this part of the project completed! That may not sound like fun, but the feeling of having freshly painted (sort of) cabinets makes my heart dance with anticipation… And dancing is certainly fun! No joy here at all! It was such a wet and rainy spring that no painting whatsoever has gotten done. Argh. I should be thankful? At least we won’t be living in drought conditions like the first five or so years we lived here. I have been plotting some kitchen makeover ideas though… I’m hoping a new kitchen counter may happen by year’s end!

SUMMER 2021: Clueless. Pick a counter? Finish bottom cabinets? Trying to keep it super small since this one has been one heck of a struggle and I cannot control the weather. (Imagine if you could… Such pressure!)


SPRING 2021: I’m not sure how to have garden fun in 2021. It’s likely to be hot and buggy. Neither of those makes hanging out in the garden fun. An egg hunt for Easter? That would be fun! Playing in the sprinklers? That would be fun! Roasting hot dogs on sticks over the fire pit? That would be fun! Sparklers for no reason? That would be fun! Now I have some ideas… Well, I’ll count this a success for spring. Even though I’m no gardener, I’ve managed to keep three plants alive to date. Yes, miraculous! AND I’ve been regularly tending our herbs. I’ve also spent some time sprucing up our back patio so that we have a nice area to spend some outdoor time.

SUMMER 2021: My goal? To spend more time outside in our garden and eat out on the patio more frequently. If nothing else, having morning coffee out amongst the birds makes me happy. That means getting better about getting ready so that I can do that rather than grabbing my cup of joe and heading for my desk. That’s a bad habit I want to break!

How About You?

What season are you heading into? Do you make seasonal lists of things you want to accomplish? Do you have to put fun on your to-so list in order to make it happen? Do you enjoy time outdoors (season permitting)? What’s your favorite season for outdoor activities? Have you done any kitchen reno recently? How did it go? Would you like to be able to control the weather? Do tell…

Stylishly yours,


  • Leslie Susan Clingan

    Semper Gumpy!! I love that. PC would probably say my slogan would be Semper Grumpy lately. I just feel like I am struggling with every single thing.

    Great list and I like the way you put the lists for both seasons side by side. Proud of your green thumb. Would love to have an herb garden but I think it is too hot and dry here. I am struggling to keep my one pot of flowers alive…snap dragons. Think a good thought for them!!

    The kitchen project is huge. I would pick one small goal and try to accomplish that. Maybe the bottom cabinets? Which might be actually a tremendous amount of work but getting that done would feel like you are well on the way. Then you could get your counter top, right?

    Yay you to be riding your new bike – is that a photo of it? And to be working toward running a 5K!! I have a good plan for doing the same thing. Need to break out my plan so I can get back to running a 5K by fall. Used to sign up to run a 5K at least once a year. And then COVID. But back at it now!

    Thank you so much for joining me and for the mention!!

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Leslie! I’m actually terrible with plants, but rosemary and oregano are built for horrible climes, so ours does well. I’m sure they’d survive in AZ, too. Think arid Mediterranean herbs and they’ll make it! Most of the bottom cabinets were painted last summer; I’ve only two more drawers and doors for the bottom to be done. Now if the rain would just give us a break! I’m torn between two countertops, but anything would be better than the tile we have now. Redeeming grace? You can take anything out of the oven or off the stove and plop it right down on the countertop. No hotpads necessary. That had spoiled me, for sure! Whatever we get is just a stopgap to hold us over for a real kitchen re-do down the line…

  • Sally in St Paul

    Liz, I have never done a bucket list, seasonal or otherwise, and I’m still grappling with the idea of doing things outside my apartment after the year we’ve had! But I’ve been leaning heavily into my creative hobbies and want to continue that this summer.

    • Liz K

      I’m keeping all my outdoor activities en plein air; that’s my current comfort zone. Which for us in hot and humid land means very early AM when most people are still abed. That’s fine with me. (I’m quite antisocial for someone who loves people…) I think leaning into your creative hobbies is great! I look forward to reading more about where your project takes you…

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