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Summer Capsule 2018

Hope your day is happy, dearest reader!

We are now well into June, and my summer capsule is sorting itself out. If you’ve been reading any time at all, you’ll know that I am a capsule wardrobe fan. For me. I don’t push capsules on my clients, because capsules aren’t for everyone. If you are building a wardrobe from scratch, or packing for a trip, I’ll push a little harder! That said, capsules are a great way to build structure into a wardrobe to make sure it works well and everything gets worn, and to find wardrobe gaps.

So why do I love me a capsule? I need variety, and boundaries. (A tricky balance!) A closet full of four seasons’ clothing stresses me out. I prefer less visual clutter, and find that limits stimulate my creativity. That’s just what works for me, and my 1970’s ranch home closet. (Out of season clothes live in a Rubbermaid Rough Tote in the spare room closet.) So what’s my summer capsule shaping up to look like? Not quite what I was thinking in my end of spring post anticipating this summer capsule. I was floundering a bit with what I wanted to include, and what should be stored away, so I spent some time daydreaming and tumbling down the Pinterest rabbit hole. I’m glad I did, because it helped me integrate those “conflicting” inspiration threads.

As I said in my anticipating post, this capsule is not going to be an 20/80. Since summer finds me wearing more dresses than other seasons, I need to make sure I have more variety there. They are easy to dress up or down, and are often cooler than shorts and a tee.  Shorts are a mainstay on weekends and when I work from home. Due to a few extra pounds, I had to find replacements for some pieces that no longer fit. I also added a few tops in my accent colors. When I finally pulled the summer pieces together (basics like jeans and tees are not included here) I really like how they all hang together… Literally and figuratively! Here’s what’s been pulled out of storage (or added) for summer.

As there’s too much in this larger capsule to address in one post, today I’ll tackle my dress selections, and next week I’ll post about the rest of the capsule, and explain (a bit about) how I go from inspiration to reality.

PS: No professional photos here, just me and my iPhone. This is real life, people.


(1) Faded denim sleeveless shift: Last year’s summer addition. Last year I kept taking it off because the pockets didn’t hang properly, but a quick trip to see Miss Eubie sorted that right out. (My sewing machine is in storage right now.)

(2) LWD (little white dress): At least 5 years old, from the Gap. Cotton, and cool in the heat. Bleachable when I make a mess (pretty much every wear). Raw edge at the bottom gives it a relaxed feel.

(3) White and Blue Jersey Tank Dress: Old Navy a few summers ago on our way to the beach. Because stripes.

(4) Asymmetrical Blue and White Striped Shirtwaist. This year’s addition from Macy’s clearance rack. (INC) I normally don’t like shirtwaists (too classic) or asymmetry (too funky) but together, they feel just right. Love how it looks with flats and heels. Looking forward to wearing it over jeans, too.

(5) Aqua Border Print Dress: Few years old from the Limited. Carried over from spring capsule. Works as a tunic, or a dress.

(6) Grey and Ivory Polka Dot: Fit and flare oldie from Talbot’s. Easy to dress up or down. I keep saying that… Here’s what I mean.

I’m sure this seems like a lot of dresses to some, but it feels just right for my life and style, and it supports my 2018 style resolution to “dress more.” None of these dresses are particularly refined, but the last three are work-worthy paired with the right accessories. If you are thinking about adding a dress or two to your summer wardrobe, I listed some style picks, and what body shapes they suit, here. The dress silhouettes above are not necessarily “ideal” for my 8 Shaped body (That tends to A Shape with too many sweets!) but in summer, cool and airy trumps looking my most slender any day.

So how about you, dear reader? What’s your summer uniform? What colors are you loving for this summer? Have you added anything new for the season? If so, how does it play with what you already have? What are you struggling with? I love to hear from you… Let’s start a conversation in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,

Many thanks to Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for hosting her weekend Link-Up! I love to find new bloggers there.


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