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Summer Capsule 2019: The Edit

Happy day, reader dear!

We’ve made it to June, and I am switching into summer mode. Over the weekend I transitioned my wardrobe from spring to summer, and am finishing up the laundry from spring’s items to store away. It was a good time to take pictures of the changes to my Spring 2019 Capsule that will carry me through summer. In Monday’s post, I talked through some of what I wanted for my summer capsule to feel and look like, but it was still feeling amorphous. It may change over the next few weeks, but here’s where Summer 2019 seems to be shaking out…

PS: Please feel free to share any of these images to Pinterest or any other social media that suits your fancy. If you like it, someone else just might, too!

Lots of white, some stripes, simple lines, uncluttered, feminine, cool!

I was wondering if my capsule was too white-heavy, but looking at my board, I’d say not. Although… I will certainly be doing a LOT of laundry! My blue denim jacket is hanging on the rack, too, hoping to be let in to play with the cool kids. I hadn’t been planning on including it, but when I included it in the Brooch Styling post, I kinda fell in love all over again.

I’m wondering at dropping the rose gold that I’ve been wearing since last summer. It may just be time for a break. (It’s not you, Rose Gold, it’s me…) I have a feeling I’ll rediscover it in the fall!

I (or should I say my computer) put together a little video for you with the pieces I pulled together for my capsule. I even found a blush title page!

I just noticed the child lock hanging on the cabinet handle in some of the pictures… Oh well! I’ll chalk it up as a nod to real life. That’s where I live!

So how about you? Does this look like a capsule you could live with? What kind of feel do you want for summer? What challenges are you having this year? Let me know in the comments below! I do so love to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    My colors for summer are veering towards almost exacly the same as yours, but I do have one sea-green polka dot scarf I am including, and my blue is not so bright. These colors just seem right at the moment. Enjoyed this post! Lise

    • closetplayadmin

      Sea green as an accent sounds lovely! I may need to break out my bag in that color to wear on days I feel like a little change… Thank you for stopping by!

  • Leslie Clingan

    Great capsule wardrobe. Following the link to check out your brooch love. Those pieces look lovely on your denim jacket. Want to copy cat that look.

    White doesn’t stay that way long on me. Case in point, I wore white shorts to PC’s baseball game last Saturday and looked like Pigpen before the 7th inning stretch. But you will wear this wardrobe well, I am certain!!

    • closetplayadmin

      Hi, Leslie! I totally understand the problem with white! I’m a Messy Marvin myself, but am careful to buy whites I can bleach… It undoes a multitude of sins! I never wore white (Aside from my First Communion dress, until I was out of university and in the Navy. Then I had to wear white on white for months on end. I learned a bit about watching where I sat…

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