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Summer Capsule 5 Favorite Looks

Happy day, reader dearest!

Someone called to my attention that I haven’t done any Fave Looks posts in 2021. Whoops! With all the goings on, it simply slipped my mind. (Which, alas, will make the year end faves post a whole lot harder.)

Rather than overwhelming myself by trying to get caught up with the first half of the year, I’m forgiving myself, picking up where I am (Highly suggested life strategy.) and moving forward. As we’re coming to the end of both my Summer Capsule Wardrobe and my Italian Capsule Experiment, this feels like perfect timing.

Speaking of time, it’s PSA time! (Thank you for your patience…)

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Back to your regularly scheduled programming:

There are perks to taking a selfie every day. It’s data on the big picture of your style. Special occasion photos capture moments in time, which is fabulous for memories, but not so much if you are trying to improve your style… How does taking a daily selfie help? Read about that here! How powerful is the selfie-a-day? Well, it’s the first of my 5 Habits for Better Style. That should tell you something.

Summer Look 1

This white dress was a 2021 spring/summer wardrobe addition and I LOVE it! It’s crisp without being stiff. It’s super breezy. Paired with the (mostly) neutral accessories, it feels cool, calm and pulled together. With pretty much no effort whatsoever. One-and-done dressing is one of my favorite things about a dress!

Summer Look 2

If you’ve been reading this summer, you’ve seen this next fave already! It’s was one of July’s Restyles. What makes this one a fave? I’m pretty much always tickled by this tee and this jacket. It’s one of my Red Wagon Wardrobe pieces. (More about that next week!) The snake belt and the hematite bracelet stack add a little B/A to balance all the white.

Summer Look 3

Are these last looks too dressy for your lifestyle? That’s okay! The next is weekend casual. The juxtaposition of a silk shirt with cutoff shorts surprises, but my favorite part is the pop of color tassel earrings. They are ridiculously long. And that’s what makes them so fun!

Today, I’d sub in my pink flat sandals…

Summer Look 4

This next outfit was Day 2 of my Italian Capsule Wardrobe Experiment. I’ve had this skirt for years and rarely wear it. It’s quite form fitting and that hasn’t always made me comfortable, but since August is all about embracing my inner Italian woman, body hugging (Yet still covered up.) felt just right. Dressed down with my fave/only tee and red sandals, I felt super cool. HUGE hoops, a cuff bracelet and a red lip finished this look all about less pieces with more punch. (Stay tuned…) This will be a great look to move into fall!

Summer Look 5

And last, but certainly not least, August’s Copycat Style look. I have to admit, for a girl who doesn’t like collared shirts, this summer has shifted my perspective. This one (and the dress above) have been making me rethink my prejudice. It’s not that I don’t love the way they look… Until these two pieces, I never liked how they felt on me! If you love them, you do you. That’s the core of style is. You doing you and showing up that way in the world.

Common Threads

Ha! Get it? Threads? Give me a bad pun any day! I could also call this section Lessons Learned. Ideally, that’s what selfies and looking back to determine your favorites does. It teaches you about what you like to wear, what you don’t, and how you want to show up in the world. Style, dear reader!

A LOT of white/light! Ankle interest. Simplified accessories. Nary a scarf in sight. (WHAT? It’s hot and summer in Georgia. What more can I say?) Casual patterns, stripes and dots. Each look feels finished (or you might say polished) to me, but none in the same way… That’s going to require more reflection. Hm.

The vibe I wanted for summer this year was cheerful and composed with a mod edge. I’m not sure any of these go there. Maybe that was wishful thinking?

How About YOU?

Which outfits of yours have been your favorites this past season? Any you’ve worn on repeat? What does that tell you about what you love and should take into next season? Do you prefer dressing for summer or fall? What is it about that season or its clothes that make you a happy dresser? Do let me know… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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