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Summer Capsule Favorites

Happy day, dear reader!

Flat out apologies for a last minute, thrown together post. I had another post, but was altogether unhappy with the negative and snarky ‘tude it was taking, so I changed tack completely and decided to focus on something that makes/made me happy.

With that proviso, allow me to roll out my 5 Favorite Looks from my Summer 2019’s Capsule Wardrobe (The Second Half). If you would like to see the whole capsule, click here for a post all about it, including a video with all the pieces. If not, here’s my inspiration board (I make one each season.)…

Now that you’ve seen the inspiration, let’s see how that played out in comparison to my 5 Favorite Looks from the second half of Summer 2019! If you want to see the 5 Faves from the first half, click here!

Caveat: This jacket was not in my original capsule. It was a gift from my mother, and added in after the Final Edit. (So much for “final!”) I love the Chanel vibe, and the dark grey with pink feels edgier than a lot of my spring and early summer looks. I’m wandering far from both light and fresh AND one and done here, but no matter. I loved it.

This shirtdress was a great (and inexpensive) addition to my spring and summer wardrobes! The grey and white feels fresh and crisp and still feminine with the gathering and ruffle. I like that contrast with the grey plaid pants, the white pop of the bag, and turquoise beads. Everyone asks me where I found the turquoise pendant necklace; I have to tell the truth: A truck stop off Hwy 20 somewhere between Augusta and Atlanta. Yes, style can be found in the strangest places…

This quirky combo must win the award for all time summer favorite outfit. I didn’t pair this dress with the top until August 1st, and still managed to wear it three more times before the month was out! It felt light, breezy, cool, and relaxed. A lovely combo in a notoriously hot and humid month! Not business, but perfect for working at home and hanging out.

Pink and grey were still going strong. If this looks familiar, that might be because the same shirt and trousers made an appearance together in my Summer Capsule Midpoint Check-In post! They were one of my top 5 Faves from the first half of summer. This time the look is lighter and more relaxed with the silver block heeled pumps and my scarf as a sash… Less buckled up than the earlier summer look.

This outfit is my odd man out! The blouse hung in my closet all summer long, unworn until the end of August. I love it, but the color was too saturated for the summer vibe until I started hankering for fall. As for the houndstooth pumps, every other outfit I thought about choosing but didn’t featured those pumps! So be seen, they will.

It’s funny how a few weeks’ distance can help us see things more clearly… How about you? How did last season’s wardrobe work for you? Any lessons learned? Or pieces you can happily let go of now? Do let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

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