Capsule Wardrobing

Summer Capsule Inspo: 2022

And Spring Capsule Debrief

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Happy day, Reader Dear!

Summer is almost here! At least my summer capsule should be!

I have been bumbling about the last few weeks of May, trying to figure out what I wanted this summer’s capsule wardrobe to look like. My Pinterest board was all over the place. I had a feel for colors, but nothing else was coming together.

Sometimes it’s like that.

Then my computer (Where most of the magic happens.) decided to go on strike. Serious strike.

After much prodding, cursing and tears, it’s in more of a slowdown. I can do things, but at a snail’s pace.

Which makes me crazy.

So I turned the computer off, grabbed my iPad and headed to Pinterest to find some inspiriation.

It showed up! FINALLY.

It all started when I went looking for Portugese recipes.

Somehow a recipe hunt turned into a Spring/Summer 2022 style extravaganza! Because that’s how the rabbit hole works.

Before we get too far into Summer’s plan, let’s look back at Spring for any takeaways…

What Worked

Almost everything! I wore all but a few of my capsule pieces #onrepeat, and even quite a few outfits on repeat as well. It appears that I’m in the throes of a crush on navy blue. No, navy is not my best color as it is too dark for my overall light Value (Thanks fair skin and silver grey hair!), but I’ll wear it anyway. I found myself reaching for my white shirts over and over again the past two weeks. (I owe my ex a sartorial apology. That’s a post for another day.)

Spring’s highest wear items? My Levi’s 501’s (Never a surprise.), Navy Polka Dot Blouse, White Shirt, White Jeans, and Denim shirt. Nothing interesting here! And all to be found in my Spring/Summer? Daily Dozen.

What Didn’t

Not much. I didn’t wear my heels or my white shoes as often as I expected. Is this a new Liz? Time will tell. Another (almost) no-wear was my pink jersey dress. I wore it the first day of the season and then it languished there on the hanger. I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ll put it away until fall. Maybe I’ll fall in love again? (I’m thinking it’s time to Let it Go…)

Summer Inspo Board

So far, this is what I’m feeling…

What I’ve Found So Far

Last night I did a quick whip through my out of season box and my closet, pulling together pieces in my color story. As I count it out for balance, I’m doing pretty well. The ratio of tops to bottoms is 2:1 and I’ve got a couple of dresses and toppers to round it out. What I don’t have is a cute mustard yellow tote. I’m not sure that’s happening. It’s not a wise choice and including yellow/gold/mustard as a color in this capsule is a whim. Mustard is one of my favorite colors, even if it’s not friendly to my very cool and soft coloring. Sigh. There IS a pair of mustard flats hiding below the clothes!

No, there’s not much aqua. And yes, this might just be the summer of the white shirt. There are a few outliers here, as well: The LOUD shorts from my Spring/Summer French 5 and a black seersucker top. No, they aren’t totally in line with the color story, but I’m going to be okay with that. (Keep repeating to self… I’m going to be okay with that. I’m going to be okay with that. I’m going to be okay with that. Do I sound convinced, yet?)

How About You?

Is it summer yet where you live? Do you think in color stories when planning your wardrobe? Maybe you don’t plan at all? Does my inspo board look summery to you? Do you have a Pinterest inspiration board for the upcoming season? Do tell… I love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,

PS: The Style Splash starts tomorrow (1 June 2022) and there are still a few spaces available! Come play with us!


  • jnetti

    You elevate blogging to an art and your style insight is right up there along with your blog posts. You have made the biggest impact on my closet since I found Silhouette Patters with Peggy Sagers, vlog, pattern and fabric online store.
    I have a huge amount of clothing that I have designed and created for myself. I finally figured out how to create cohesion and color coordination. I don’t want to part with most of them, and I have already moved out what I know wasn’t going to work.
    I had to clear out my closet, it was in clear need of cleaning, and I found a moth fluttering, which I have never seen in my life. But I do buy used clothing to learn style and fit from. And I bought recently from my neighbor.
    I am sorry to hear that your mother took a medical turn. I pray for you and her. I am learning how to go on without my mom, who passed this spring. Please accept all my gratitude and know you make a difference.


    • Liz K

      Many thanks, Jeannette! Especially for the prayers. My deepest sympathy on the passing of your mother. Mama’s health is improving (from her low in July) and although they expect her to make a full recovery, the road is long and each day is precious. I need to hold that thought during the times of exhaustion and frustration.


    Liz, I do think in a color family for my wardrobe. Always!! I love simple mix & max during the hot summer months!! I’m a navy lover as well!! It seems right for summer always!! I love your summer board but I am surprised at the mustard!! You do you!! That’s why it’s style!!!

    • Liz K

      Exactly! And it should have some fun and play which might just mean breaking the rules… Which is why I’m adding mustard!

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