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Summer Capsule Update

Sometimes the best laid plans… Wins and Fails

Happy day, Reader Dear!

Whew! We have had the weather from #&%%. And my wardrobe was NOT ready for it. Fail! Yes, I factored in for heat, this is Georgia after all.

But multiple consecutive days above 100 for close to three weeks?

THAT I did not count on. Someone from Texas mentioned that she saw Satan dancing in the lawn sprinkler. I can only assume to cool off!

How hot is it?

The cows are giving giving evaporated milk.

Chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs. AND

By the time you get the bread home from the grocery store, it’s toast!

I subtitled this post Sometimes the best laid plans… because my summer wardrobe plan looked fine.

Until the heat wave threw my capsule plan (and my French 5 Shopping plan into the trash.) What’s a French 5 shopping plan? Here’s some info and how working a F5 has improved my life. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

What Went Right

The inspiration was fine! Win! It’s simply the execution that was flawed.

If you want more about my Summer Capsule Inspo, you can find it here.

What Went Wrong

Well, the weather for starters! That was poor planning on my part. The past two summers have been unusually pleasant. Spring 2020 & 2021 were long and cool and even June brought only a few 90 degree days. Both years, the real heat waited until July and August and then merely hit for one or two days before dipping back into the upper 80’s and low 90’s. This year, we hit the upper 90’s in the first few days of June and triple digits for days on end. (Let’s not even begin to talk about the humidity. #itsnottheheat…)

Sartorially speaking, there’s a big difference between a high of 90 and 105 with a heat index over 115! The hotter the temps, the lighter the clothing needs to be, both color and fabric weight. So when the first predictions of five days in a row of upper 90’s came along, I knew I was in trouble. My summer capsule had a lot of potential outfit combinations, but not enough super lightweight items.

How I Fixed It

I went shopping. Strategically. Shopping is not my first choice, but I had already pulled my most lightweight items for my summer capsule. I needed another pair of shorts and and at least one super breezy dress. (I did find a breezy-ish dress in my box to add. It’s out of sync with my color palette, but a dress is one-and-done and doesn’t need to go with everything else!)

What I Bought

When I found the dress above, I bought two. That is NOT my shopping M.O. (I don’t buy multiples.), but a light breezy poplin dress was exactly what I could imagine wearing for days on end. I’ve worn them on repeat so I have no regrets. The white shorts are another surprise. They will work with anything my white jeans do, so they should be a smart addition. Do you struggle with wearing white? Here are some tips…

I did not intend for this post to turn into one of those Lookie What I Bought/Haul posts you see all over the blogosphere. I have NO desire to encourage the crazy and wasteful fashion cycle! But I also don’t want to pretend that my capsule plans always work perfectly or create the illusion that yours should, too. We are human. Circumstances create change. Living a capsule wardrobe style is not meant to be an exercise in suffering! (Or heat stroke!)

How About You?

What’s the weather like in your corner of the world? Is your wardrobe right for it? Are there any strategic pieces you’d like to add to make your wardrobe work better for you? What are they? If you share, I bet someone reading may have seen what you need and will let you know where to find it! You lovely readers are a generous bunch… Wishing you comfortable sunny days and cool nights. And a cool place to dip your toes!

Stylishly yours,


  • Kathleen McDermott

    Love the dresses and shorts. (Your shopping makes me happy! I’m acquisitive.) Cotton is so fresh and lovely in the heat, especially in what you are experiencing in GA. I’m thinking you must wear sundresses and sleeveless tops on those very hot days too? And sheaths and shifts? I’m not sure I could bear anything more than a flutter or cap sleeve in that heat, though at 68 it’s not my fav look on me. I don’t tolerate high heat/humidity well, but dressing as you discuss above (and always having a gallon of ice cubes/water, a fan and a sun hat) helps a lot. And only sandals.

    • Liz K

      It’s funny you mention sundresses and sleeveless tops, Kathleen. I do wear some sleeveless, but I often prefer a loose sleeve and fabric under the arm to wick away the sweat. I’d rather clammy armpits that will wick away perspiration than sweat rolling down inside my clothes. Not pretty imagery, but a reality of #lifeinthesouth! I’m not good in the heat, either and LOVE a good sunhat. Wishing you a wonderful 4th!


    Liz, I thought I was set for the summer until I realized I needed a size up for Sunday’s because of swelling. Remember, I’m on dialysis so it all stay’s with me. Anyhow, I bought a few more linen pieces. I’m considering another linen top and a few tee’s to go with other summer skirts. Then I’m done!!! I’m making every effort to be. Yes, the weather is so very hot as always here in Summer. It will get much hotter so I’m actually thankful for now!!! Have a blessed day!! So enjoying the Style Splash!!! Have a blessed day!!!

    • Liz K

      Those fluctuations make dressing a challenge, for sure, Natalie! Glad you are finding lots of linen pieces to keep you comfortable in the heat!

  • Juhli

    Great additions and that is brutal weather! You always look so put together.

    I went for a capsule of outfits for early summer at least. Bought 2 dresses with a 3rd on its way for evaluation. So far so good although I have tweaked the outfits by changing some of the combos and donating some items. And then we got a puppy … lots of quite casual lifestyle needs for lot of walks and playtime. But it is still working although the number of good options shrank. Our usual mix of cooler, foggy days and warm, windy ones her in coastal S. Cal.

    • Liz K

      Great to hear from you, Juhli! I’m sure you’re appreciating your lovely SoCal weather after living in GA. I envy you your puppy playtime! That sounds lovely, although midnight potty trips to the garden are not my favorite. Hope you are past that part! Hope your third dress works out!

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