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Summer Capsule Update!

Happy day, dear reader!

It’s official. I am two months into my summer capsule, (and part 2) and 60-ought days into the #100outfits100days challenge. Does that even make any sense? It seemed like a good time for a check-up to take stock of how both of those are going.


I looked in my closet the other day and thought, “There’s too much stuff in here.” I know this is true because at two months in, there are pieces I still haven’t worn. My spring capsule had just twenty pieces (25 if you include toppers) and that didn’t quite feel like enough. This one has Oh-my-goodness-I-never-actually-counted pieces. but whatever the number, it’s too much. I pulled a dress from my special occasion capsule to wear to read at a friend’s wedding in July, and pulled in other extras for a styling post photo shoot (two jackets for more of a fall style feel), but for everyday wear, my capsule has been more than enough! No, I did not wear the blush dress that I bought for the wedding. As much as I love it, it still felt too snug; I think it’s time to return it… (Just ran off to count. This capsule has 40 clothing items. Not including shoes, bags, scarves, etc.)

#100outfits100days Challenge

The #100outfits100days challenge is keeping me on my toes, and keeping me on track with daily outfit snaps. The plus side to that is that I have a record of what I have and haven’t worn from my summer capsule. Rather than relying on memory, I have data. The analysis geek in me loves data! I am trying not to repeat outfits for the challenge, and for a girl who would happily wear the same outfit three days in a row if it floats my boat, this has been a bit difficult. The challenge has stretched my sartorial muscles and made me try outfits I would not have normally pulled together; quite a few are ones I really want to repeat. The irony of this is not only not lost on me, but seems to be a recurring theme in my life!

As in the last Challenge post, here are my five favorite outfits from the past month!

This one I have been itching to wear again. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. Something about wearing a dress with pants makes me feel like a girl again, and the over-the-top earrings just added to the fun factor. The way this shirtdress moves is lovely. It’s full, but the pleating keeps it from the padded look we curvy girls can get with a full skirt.

This next one was the following day. I was having a good run! I took off the pink belt. It felt like overkill with the three patterns and two colors. Floral, animal print, and polka dots. It was another happy place outfit.

What’s next? More animal print and floral! I think I’m seeing a pattern here. (Oops! That pun was NOT intended, but I’ll leave it there for you to groan over.) This time the animal print is my favorite dress that also featured in the first month’s #100 challenge faves. That time it was with a long suitcoat, and peep-toes. This time it’s more relaxed with a denim shirt and bright beads and shoes.

Two dress looks… Is that a trend? Clearly, because the next one is a dress, too, and with those same cropped kick flare trousers. Again, a full skirt, but with pleating to tame the poof. These faded denim/chambray colored pumps have really been a summer winner. A definite good buy that I imagine will follow into fall’s capsule. I love how the shine, pointy toe, and block heel give an edge to every outfit, without being harsh.

And number five? Again, cool in blue and white. This time with rose gold and lavender accents. This is another outfit I keep reaching to replicate. I’m actually wearing this same grey tee and white jeans combo as I write today, but with different accessories, and a rain jacket because it was that kind of day!

And just in case you were wondering, here’s the outfit for the wedding! I loved this to pieces! I felt chic, elegant, fun, and summery all rolled into one. That’s a pretty tall order. (Especially at 5’3″!) Rose gold shoes and jewels. (Thank you to my fabulous Premier Designs jeweler, Amy Rose, for loaning me her gorgeous Breezy earrings!) Their perforated floral design echoes the scalloped edge on the dress, and the flowers on the scarf. It’s those little details that make my sartorial heart sing. Nothing “matches” but it all shares a common thematic element. Yes, that qualifies me as a style geek. I’m okay with that! That’s how He made me.

As I look back on the ten pieces I am wearing here (not including the special occasion dress) I realize they make a sweet little mini-capsule all on their own. I’d need to add another shirt, but these could take me a good distance!

How about you? Have you had any special events this summer? Do you find event dressing in the heat a challenge, or is it harder for you in winter? Which of the above outfits is your favorite, and why? I love to hear your thoughts! Let’s start a conversation in the comments below…

Stylishly yours,

Many thanks to the lovely Jess at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, for her Tuesday Link-Up!

And the same to the BA Shelbee at Shelbee on the Edge for her fab Friday Link-Up festival!


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