Summer Color Picks

2022 Edition

Happy day, Dear Reader!

What colors say summer to you?

Colors with a warm overtone?

(The difference between overtone and undertone.)




Some combination of all of the above?

I expect most people would lay claim to a combination.

Regardless of what your brain comes up with when you hear the phrase Summer Colors, seasonal color trends play into what clothing and prints we see in the shops.

Pink and Orange

I vividly (Pun intended!) remember one particular tee shirt from my teens. It’s cap sleeves and broad stripes of orange, yellow, magenta and red were sewn together to form the body and set it apart from your average tee. The neck and sleeves were tipped in contrasting colors. I’d love to find that JH (Junior House) tee again, although I’m sure it would never fit! This season’s oodles of pink and orange combinations jogged it back from lost places in my memory.

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Look for pinks from pastel to magenta and oranges from sherbet to rust. Some of the combinations shout; others simply whisper. Bosh to those who say pink and orange don’t “go”! Nature combines them in the sunset and sunrise almost daily. Love orange, but it doesn’t work for your cool coloring? Look for it as a small part of a pattern. You could do it like my old tee with the orange away from your face and the pink close by where it flatters. If orange is your color, keep it near your face, lucky lady! Love coral? It’s an orange, too. Run with it!


Like our pinks and oranges we are seeing yellows of all hues, too! Look for pale butter to bright sunshine to deep gold, almost orange! That’s one of the things I am loving this season, all the different shades to choose from… Most of the yellows have a warm undertone, but I’ve seen some lemons for us cool ladies!

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And because I’ve been obsessed with mustard yellow accessories…

Images from

I REALLY want that bag. But it ships from China which I’m trying to avoid. Oh, well. Some things aren’t meant to be!


Love green? This, again, is your season! ALL the greens are out there. Soft and weathered. Acid and bright. No, green is not one of the warm overtone colors we associate with summer, but green shouts nature and freshness. Who can’t use fresh on a hot summer day? Green is also showing up in both warm and cool undertone versions in light and dark values! Win x 4!

Images from

Lest you think I’ve forgotten something, I haven’t. I’m hoping to see more of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Very Peri as the year goes on!

How About You?

Do any of the colors from today’s post feel like summer to you? Which? Which might you find yourself adding to your wardrobe? You already know I’m coveting mustard! Do you prefer your summer colors bright or soft? Mixed in prints or solid? Have you thought about the difference between a color’s overtone and undertone? Do tell… I love to hear your thoughts! (And there’s plenty of room on the interwebs for you…)

Stylishly yours,



    I always prefer color and print to monochromatic looks. I have seen a very pretty mix of fuschia and purple in floral prints in some of my favorite stores. Love that combination. For years I didn’t wear yellow because my mom cautioned me not to, saying it made me look seasick. Hate that we can limit ourselves because someone made a random comment that has stuck with us.

    • Liz K

      Yes, Leslie! Those comments that we take as gospel truth and carry on into adulthood are often myths! When I talk about color with a client, or when we reflect on our style histories in the Style Reset, it’s amazing what we uncover!


    Liz, I’m not finding many brights in my size!!! I’m also one to not wear many brights!! Unsure!! Worth exploring !!Yes!!! Thank you very much with prayers!! My mom has been ill for going on three years now!! Complications one after another!!!


    Liz, I say I love brights in the summer but I realize I don’t wear a great deal. For example, one coral tee and a linen nnew geranium skirt for the summer last year. Also, A linen topper with white, navy and new geranium japanese designI meant to buy a red shirt but I never did!! Mostly navy, white and a soft khaki. P.S. I missed Day 7 of the Style Splash!! Little emergency with mom!! Would you send it to me please!!

    • Liz K

      Today is Day 7, Natalie! If it’s not in your email, let me know in the group and I’ll Messenger it to you! I’d love to see the coral tee with the geranium skirt! That sounds super summery and fun. Why do you think you don’t wear the brights you say you love? That might be worth a little reflection… Praying for you and Mom!

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