Summer Makeup Refresh

5 Picks to Add Summer Color

Happy day, reader dear!

Summer is coming in the Northern Hemisphere, and I’m thinking Bring on the COLOR! Not so much in my wardrobe; my summer capsule wardrobe is relying heavily on denim and white, but I’m all about color on my face! Now, I don’t mean scary neon, although I’ve seen plenty of that out there and love the avant garde feeling. That’s not really my everyday existence. In this context, I mean colors rather than neutrals. (Neutrals being those colors NOT found on the color wheel.) Most makeup colors are neutrals, think foundations, concealers, and many eyeliners and eye shadows.

My makeup look doesn’t change dramatically. Okay, let me rethink that. It did last year. And not only mine! Lipstick sales plummeted in 2020, but eye makeup? I read that the increase in sales was somewhere around 250%. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 300% by year’s end. I know I helped! False lashes, friends. Most of us gave up on lipstick for everything but video… I’m not the only one who can’t stand lipstick inside a mask!

I like an easy makeup look. I’m not getting all Instagrammy and contouring my face. If flawless and sculpted makes you happy, run with it! That’s not me. I want to see my skin. Airbrushed flawlessness feels suffocating. (If someone does that to me for a photo shoot, fine. That’s on them, but I’ll wash when I get home. I’ll probably wash before I leave!) My goal is to be done in 5 minutes. (Maybe 6 if I’m going heavy on the mascara.) I like wearing makeup; it’s just a part of my everyday grooming routine. It is something I do for me, not for anyone else. Maybe it’s my version of paint by numbers?

Clean Out

Since so many of us refresh the closet for summer, maybe it’s time to refresh the makeup, too! While you’re there, please clear out the old and expired products. Your eye doctor and your skin will thank you.

After cleaning out my cache, this summer I expect to be wearing…

Bright Pink Lipstick

Lordy, have I missed bright lips! A bright lip and mostly naked eye (I said mostly! I still define my brows and wear mascara.) has been a summer makeup trend default for years. If it comes around every year, can it really be called a trend? I’m hoping to see lips again soon. Not printed on masks, but actual live human lips, where they belong. On faces. Speaking and smiling. It will be good. Were my coloring warm, I’d run with a bright coral! It may just be time for a little lipstick therapy. (Yes, it’s a thing… Think retail therapy at a much lower price point!)

Pale Pink Lip Balm

For those mod feeling days. No, it’s not particularly flattering, but I like the dark winged eye/light lip thing that throws back in time. Would a make-up artist think it the bomb? Probably not, but it makes me happy and it feels like a change. If warm, I’d look for a pale peach.

Yes, I’m still crushing on the removable collars…

Green Eye Liner

I may have set aside the green in my wardrobe for the season, but I won’t put away my green eye pencil! Why? My eyes are hazel green, and if I am wearing an all neutral outfit (which is more often in summer) I will add a color pop with my accessories and make sure to feature my eyes. I need color! Why? The tricky part is finding a good green. Many green eye pencils have warm undertone. Olive is easier to find than emerald.

Navy Eye Liner

No, technically navy isn’t a color, it’s a neutral, but navy isn’t a natural hair color, so I’ll count it here in terms of color. Why do I choose navy, when my eyes are hazel green? Well, until I had my colors done properly (Story about that later this month), I had no idea that the ring around my iris is deep charcoal navy. So navy is my version of black eyeliner AND way less harsh! We so often think of our eyes as one color, but a close look reveals many different colors hiding there! (I guess Grandpa’s blue eye gene is still hanging in there somewhere!)

Sheer Pink Shimmery Blush/Highlighter

Just running with the pink theme here. I didn’t start wearing blush until I entered my 50’s and began to appreciate a little rosy glow. AND just how darned versatile the right color blush is. I use mine as an all in one color on both cheeks and eyes. One simple sweep with a big brush and poof: More alive! It’s subtle but can make up for hours of lost sleep. That and a dab of white eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eyes. (Stage makeup technique.)

What You Won’t See

Bronzer. It makes me look like my face needs a good wash. One of the flaws of having cool coloring. All you warm skinned beauties, have fun and enjoy bronzing. I’ll be quietly over here looking pink and rosy.

How About You?

Do you change your skincare or makeup routine in the summer months? What do you do differently? Is makeup a daily part of your grooming? Or just for special occasions? Have you ever taken a super close look at your eye color? What do you see there? Any surprises? What’s your favorite lipcolor? Is it still available? I know quite a few women who only polish their toenails for summer… Where are you on polished piggies? Color? Or bare? What’s your favorite summer pedi color? Do tell!

Stylishly (and colorfully) yours,



    Liz, I didn’t see your answer sooner. So sorry!! Yes!! I have lightened up my foundation in the hot weather to help with the extremely hot weather we have!!!

  • Angie

    Hi, Liz – I found out why I was confused about whether I was a spring or a summer. Although I am a spring with golden skin that tans easily and eyes with gold flecks, I also have gray flecks in my hazel eyes (half green and half brown.) So there you go, a perfectly confusing range of color that makes me wonder which way to go with my true spring palette. I love how you said “I’ll be quietly over here looking pink and rosy.” Lol! Thanks for this look at makeup in the here and now. – Angie,

    • Liz K

      YES, Angie! Eye color can be particularly deceptive when it comes to color typing! Our eyes are a lovely melange of the genes that made us.


    Liz, I ear a full face of make-up daily excepted hen going for a medical procedure. I have since I as 14 or 15 years old. I cange my skincare in the armer months by using a lighte moturizer and I change my make-up routine in that I use lighter colors but my lips go brighter, mostly. This year ill probably be different because I am still having to ear a mask. Liz, I ould love for you to try a eggplant eyeliner. It ould bring out the beautiful green in your eyes!!

    • Liz K

      I do wear eggplant eyeliner frequently, Natalie! But mine is down to a stub and I haven’t yet replaced it! Did you lighten your makeup routine to work around the heat when you moved to AZ, Natalie?

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