Summer Style Obsession!

Gigantic Hoops

Happy day, reader dear!

Hope your solstice was lovely, be it summer or winter! When I reached for the same pair of earrings for what felt like the 20th time since starting my summer capsule back at the beginning of June, I decided I might be in the middle of a full blown obsession.

Do you do that? Wear something over and over again? Now I’m not talking about a rut… A rut tends to be a default choice, and not one that really makes us happy. I mean a conscious “YES!” to wearing something over and over again. Like a 5 year old does new boots, or a superhero tee.

My latest can’t-get-enough-of is these earrings:

Image from Premier Designs: Glitz


noun ob·​ses·​sion | \ äb-ˈse-shən  , əb-\

Definition of obsession

1: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling broadlycompelling motivation

Compelling Motivation? Definitely! Disturbing preoccupation/unreasonable idea? I don’t think so! Whatever the motivation, I have been grabbing these hoops more often than not. Time for a quick count. Going back over my daily snaps… As of writing, my estimate of 20 was overblown. I counted 12 wearings of these earrings in 28 days. That’s more than a third of the time. (43% if you are a data person. I am.) Considering I have no lack of earrings from which to choose, there is clearly a crush going on.

Because I am a WHY person, I want to deconstruct this a bit. Understanding the WHY about favorites and crushes, and also the never-wears helps you repeat things that work, and not waste money on those that don’t!

My WHY’s

I am partial to hoops. Always have been. Expect I always will be. Your partiality may lay elsewhere. Honor that!

HUGE: Not my normal jam, but totally in keeping with my spring and summer Style Touchstone/Vibe of Simple Soft Drama. When I put these on, I need no other jewelry, and certainly don’t need to fuss with a necklace unless I want to!

Although large in diameter, these hoops are thin and fine. The texturing gives them extra shine and sparkle, which is also one of my regular jams. The combination of the two keeps them feminine without being girly.

There is something about them that feels like vacation. Being oversized, they feel more like play and add a touch of playful to every day, even workdays. I know! Huge earrings work for my work, but may not for yours!

SILVER: Silver is my metal. It’s not only a matter of preference, silver (and pewters) are built into my Sublime palette. And reflect my hair! Double win.

Moment of truth: I was leery about buying these hoops. I thought they were too big, and I’d not really wear them, but if the first month of summer’s capsule is any indication, I have nothing to worry about!

What’s your favorite clothing or accessory so far this season. Can you break down your WHY’s? How can you make that work for you next time you go shopping? Let me know in the comments below… I do so love to hear from you!

Stylishly yours,


  • Lise

    Also loving my ‘largish’ silver hoops this summer – wearing them about 50% of the time – they just seem right with every outfit right now. Lise

    • closetplayadmin

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who goes on an accessories jag! Hoops just seem so summery, although I wear them year round (no pun intended) because they don’t catch on my scarves. Have a great weekend, Lise!

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