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Summer Style/Restyle: Vol 2

Denim Top + Denim (Cutoff) Shorts

Happy weekend, reader dear! (Or happy whatever-day it is when you read this!)

Welcome to Volume Two of this summer’s Saturday Style/Restyle, or Sunday Style/Restyle series! (You might be ahead of me on the International Dateline.) If you are new here to Closet Play Image, Welcome! If you are returning, Welcome back! Your visit is truly appreciated!

Every month or so I take a housekeeping moment to remind you that not only is Closet Play Image a labor of love, it is my business. That means that your sharing about the blog and all the bright style and wardrobe ideas you find here for free helps me keep the electricity on and the internet flowing, so please share the goodness you find here with friends and on social media and let them know where you found it! Your warm introduction is a lovely way for me to make new friends, so thank you! If you feel compelled to send someone a link to one of my blog posts with the note: You need help!, please don’t. That is NOT a warm introduction… 😉

Peeking back to this time last year, I was dressing from my Capri Staycation capsule. I was so happy with it, that I added a few pieces and wore it a few more weeks. Why? Well, everyone’s brain works just a little bit differently. I may love style, but I am also a limits person. (Knowing your metaprogams and whether/where you are a limits or options person is SUPER illuminating. Working with your natural tendencies rather than fighting them makes life a more lovely place to be.) Don’t know whether you prefer options or limits? When you go to a restaurant, do you prefer a short menu? Or a loooooong one?

Last Year’s Look

Yes, this outfit is extremely casual. Last summer was. I am still seeing almost all my personal clients virtually, so more relaxed suits my #wfhstyle. But let’s assume this is a weekend look, shall we? (News Flash: I never wore cutoff shorts until last summer…) If you don’t do shorts, sub in denim Bermudas or a skirt!

What’s Still in My Wardrobe?

Everything here! Except the gold toned jewelry that is stored away. I’m not feeling the gold love this summer. This summer is all about the silver and hematite. And yes, pearls, too. The denim blouse still hangs in my closet, but you’d never know it from perusing my OOTD’s on Instagram. I’ve worn it only once, which is odd considering that last year it saw two or more wears per week. I have a feeling it’s on its way out… There’s a style shift in the air. I’ve learned to respect that and move forward with it.

The Summer 2021 Restyle

This might just be Sunday’s OOTD!

Since I wanted to go for the more mod vibe for this summer’s restyle, I swapped the floral sandals for the white(ish) flats and pearls for the daisy statement necklace. I popped on another floral pendant for fun and tied my groovy vintage scarf onto the straw tote handle for some color. Lips will be light pink. Could I have kept the sandals? Sure! They would have required a different scarf… Maybe light pink with dark polka dots?

How About You?

Do you have selfies of what you wore last summer? I know a lot of people were in comfort-clothing-only mode. Are your sartorial choices reflecting this summer’s more optimistic feel? Did you have a style slump last summer? All year? If so, I hope you are coming out of it! What do you feel like wearing this year that wasn’t on your radar last year? Have you felt a shift in your style in the past year or so? In what direction? Was there a life change going on? Are you an options or a limits person when it comes to your wardrobe? Do let me know. I’ve asked them to save some space on the internet for your comment! Can’t wait to hear from you…

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    I just cannot wear blue denim + denim myself, but I like how it looks here (the very non-typical cut to the top really works well here–and I just have heart-eyes for that top). I am also digging the double-necklace look you put together for both outfits. Couldn’t agree more that switching up the accessories is key.

    Your comment about metaprograms and options/limits, and working with our natural tendencies, resonates so much with me. In this respect, I think I am a bit of an odd duck when it comes to dressing. I love variety and need daily ease in getting dressed, which people often think are incompatible, but I have squared the circle by having a large wardrobe (to get variety) from which I pre-plan outfits (to get ease).

    For a while I thought I was a “mood dresser” because I like to look different one day to the next, but after a while I realized that I don’t care about wearing an outfit that fits my mood on any given day. I just want variety!
    This freed me up to be able to plan outfits in advance. Like, WAAAAAY in advance, actually. Hence I didn’t change to a different sort of outfit when I started working from home. It was easier to just keep wearing pre-planned outfits!

    (Sorry if this double posts; things went all weird when I posted it the first time.)

    • Liz K

      No worries, Sally! Double comments are a non-issue and easily dealt with. Keen observation about yourself and variety vs. mood dressing. I think many people confound the two! I think we should respect our natures and work with them rather than against them. Against them is a recipe for frustration and feeling lousy about yourself. There’s room for all of us in the world… What a dreadfully dull place it would be if we all thought and functioned alike! (Not to mention we’d never make much progress!) Yes, those differences can make for conflict, but they make the world such a richer place!

  • Lydia

    It’s funny that you’re just now dipping your toes into cutoffs- this summer I have decided I hate cutoffs since it just feels too distressed for me. I want everything to be more “polished” so to speak, for whatever reason. Style shifts abound!
    Hope all is well with you and yours xo

    • Liz K

      I NEVER wore them until last summer for my Capri Staycation… Except for camping. I don’t think I can wear them with a tee, though. And certainly not with sneakers! 😉 Thank you for stopping by, Lydia!

    • Liz K

      I’m an accessories lover, too! It’s hard to imagine, but not everyone is… What? They really are the easiest way to change up an outfit and to refresh your style.

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