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Summer Style/Restyle: Vol 6

Animal Print Trouser + Patterned Blouse

Happy day, reader dear!

Whew! We are into August! For good or for bad, that means there will only be a few more of these Summer Style/Restyle posts!

For someone who doesn’t like to have pictures taken of myself, my camera roll would tell a very different story. Not only do I not love posting pictures of myself here or on social media, it makes me feel a fool! In many ways I’m a very private person, and posting me feels silly.

But you tell me it’s helpful. Maybe that’s because so much of what you see in ads and on social media has been edited out of reality, and what you get when you see a picture of me is me. These looks are unedited and in clothes from my own closet. Bought (mostly from) department stores, chains, a few boutiques and pre-loved. I don’t have an unlimited wardrobe budget. Nor do I buy clothes to show them to you and return them, or write them off as a business expense and donate them. That’s counter to ALL my values.

Yes, I am an image & color consultant and personal stylist. That means I have the advantage of knowing the colors that make me glow and what makes me look plain old yuck. I know how to dress my shape and make the most of my assets. (And I try to share that information with you here on the blog!) I have a knack for style and color, but I’ve had to relearn all that as time and gravity have taken their toll. (Or to quote A Muppet Christmas Carol: The years performed their terrible dance…) And as my values and lifestyle have changed.

The dance of this past year has certainly brought many changes, which is one of the reasons this week’s Style/Restyle posts was a bit of a challenge. Let’s see, shall we?

Last Year’s Look

What’s Still in My Wardrobe?

Both the embroidered blouse and the blue animal print trousers are in my wardrobe AND are part of my Summer Capsule Wardrobe. I’ve worn the blouse, but the trousers haven’t made it onto my body. Why not? That’s a very good question that I need to ask myself! I’ll ponder that over a cocktail later this afternoon… Something with a LOT of ice.

Unfortunately, those fabulous floral pumps were goners after last summer. I’ll reheel and resole shoes until the cows come home, but there was nothing that could be done about the shredded and frayed fabric at the toes. Sigh… I can’t complain. I wore them for years; they certainly gave me my money’s worth!

The Summer 2021 Restyle

After the mourning spiral about the pumps… I was a bit stuck. So I opted for easy. Which in this case turned into red sandals (Because it’s incredibly HOT this week and even the thought of closed toe shoes is enough to bring on heat exhaustion. To top off the red tail, let’s add a red neckerchief and for a flash of light, a pair of gigantic hoop earrings. This more simple look with a little drama is feeling right right now. I think it’s part of the style shift I’ve been dropping hints about the past few weeks.

NOTE: If print or pattern mixing makes you nervous, here are a few tips!

After getting over the disappointment of the (what felt like a) very standard red shoe and scarf look, my brain went PING! What if I change out the embroidered blouse (polyester and hot) for my spring/summer addition and new fave? It’s silk, so much more breathable than the embroidered blouse. Its bold floral print makes it equally (if differently) dramatic. I grabbed my blushy nude sandals, some silver drop earrings and a bold ring.

This feels SO much better!

How About You?

What have you been wearing on repeat lately? What wardrobe items are not getting much airtime? How do you like these Style/Restyle posts? Do they get your creative juices flowing? Which of the two looks do you prefer? Red? Or blush? Do let me know!

Stay cool if you are in the Northern Hemisphere! My Southern Hemi friends? Keep your eye on spring; it’s coming, I promise!

Stylishly yours,


  • Andrea Andresen

    I’m with you on the polyester – since moving to a place that has high humidity virtually year round- I have been getting rid of most of my polyester and checking fabric composition is now routine when buying any garments.

    • Liz K

      Yes, it’s the humidity that makes those synthetic fibers SO pesky! (Except for wicking leggings and sports bras!) I’m much more particular about fibers than I was even 10 years ago.


    Sad to read you had a parting of the ways with those glorious floral shoes. But the burgundy sandals are another great option. I like pattern mixing but feel a little timid at times about pairing two patterns. Had a bold striped tee and a bright floral cardi I would wear together. Needed sunglasses to look at that outfit. Or blinders or something!!

    Been thinking about you. Glad you were on holiday. Enjoyed the photo of your door indicating that. Hope things have been better for your mom. We take it one day, sometimes one hour at a time with my mom.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Leslie! I’m ever so thankful to Mr. CP for making it possible for me to run away for a few days. It was glorious to do nothing but relax and catch up with friends! I think a floral cardie and striped tee sound fun! Do you still have the pieces? If it felt blinders-y, it probably wasn’t the patterns themselves, but one of the color properties was out of sync with your coloring.

  • Sally in St Paul

    I love both looks with their gorgeous print mixes! I adore those leopard print pants (and huzzah, leopard in a cool colorway). I know people are looking forward to fall style, but even in Minnesota we have a couple months of summer left, so I appreciate seeing these in-season outfits.

    • Liz K

      Thank you, Sally! You’re SO right about the cool trousers. When I saw the cool animal print trousers, I fell on them like a, well, like a hungry leopard!

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