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Summer Style/Restyle: Vol 7

White Jeans + Denim Blouse

Happy day, reader most dear!

What to say about this week’s Style/Restyle? The turquoise and goldtone/brass jewelry tells me I was still dressing out of my Capri Staycation mini-capsule, but there’s no vacation vibe about this shot. None. At. All. So, please cover up last year’s face. I was clearly not having a good day. I have a vague memory of being up-to-here with adjusting to the new normal (Hated that phrase.) that was life in 2020. Weren’t we all? Isn’t that life every year, really? Adapting to the shifting tides of change. But I digress…

If today’s pieces look familiar, it’s because they’ve appeared hundreds of times on Instagram. The blouse has already featured in one Style/Restyle and the jeans in another. I’m expect you’ll see the jeans again before this summer series is over!

Otherwise, it’s that time again! Time to remind you that Closet Play Image is both a business and a labor of love. I love sharing bright style and wardrobe ideas; when you come back for more, I think you’re finding value here. Sharing with others the goodness you find on the blog helps me pay the bills and your warm introduction is the best way for me to make new friends! Please feel free to Pin looks you like Pinterest, share links on Facebook or comment on Insta! Thank you! I have the best readers!

Last Year’s Look

This face says I’m just holding on by a thread… Go ahead, wanna try me?

If you want to see the rest of the Capri Staycation looks, you can catch them here!

What’s Still in My Wardrobe?

Both the denim blouse and the jeans are in my summer wardrobe. The shoes are stored away. I expect they’ll make a reappearance in the fall. I pulled them out of storage for this week’s restyle because the metallic vibe was mandatory! The turquoise and brass/goldtone jewelry was part of my Capri Staycation accessories capsule and is nowhere to be seen this summer. This summer’s jewelry is all about silver, pearls, and hematite!

The Summer 2021 Restyle

Once I pulled the shoes out of storage, the jewelry choice popped right into place. I wanted turquoise, so my truck stop Virgin of Guadalupe and Spanish beads were a must. As were the turquoise stone earrings. Then to tie in the less than pewter color of the shoes, I flipped my hematite necklace to the opposite side that features some rose gold tone studs and threw my worn Notre Dame medal onto a heavy silver chain. I love to mix metals, but if that flips your comfort meter to panic, keep your metals in one family.

I’d love this with metallic sandals for our hot summer days! And now I’m wondering what this top would look like sleeveless…

Knowing that many of you eschew necklaces in the heat, I wanted another look with less “stuff” around the neck. For this most infernal of months in the American South, I grabbed this mod-influenced daisy necklace and some loopy teardrop hoops that mimic the shape of the daisy petals. Simple style in an all neutral palette. Great for those who have a 3N Color Contrast!

How About You?

Get ready for the barrage… Is a denim top a Building Basic for you? What’s your favorite summer top when you need airy and breezy? Is it super versatile? Is versatility important to you when you shop? Do you mix metals? What’s your favorite metallic? Silver? Pewter? Gold? Brass? Bronze? Rose gold? Copper? It’s funny how most people only think silver and gold! Do you prefer high shine or brushed? Do you wear metallic shoes for day? Or are metallic shoes and bags only for evening? (That one is from Mama.)

Stylishly yours,

PS: Here’s how it turned out!

I needed weekend vibes… Add straw hat!


  • Sally in St Paul

    I love the #neckmess version with the turquoise, but I admit that the color-coordinated look of the mod flower necklace and jeans pushes my matchy buttons. Those pointy-toed strapped metallic flats are gorgeous! The finish on them looks really nice, not the cheap-and-shiny look that some metallic shoes have. That high strap isn’t the most flattering look on me, so I stick to the more basic low vamp version, but I love how that style looks on others (you rock it). My summer denim top is a sleeveless chambray blouse, but I wish I had one like yours! I happily mix metals; I think I prefer it, on me, but only one metal actually. Turning over the necklace to expose the studs on the back was a cool touch (which reminded me of something similar that Jodie at Jodie’s Touch of Style showed); I have not tried that out with any of my necklaces. 2021 is turning out to be a rough year too, isn’t it? But I hope that we can all find things in life to smile about!

    • Liz K

      More power to you, Sally, for knowing you have Matchy Buttons! Some people do and others don’t. Knowing our own preferences is powerful and benefits the budget. That studded necklace is a fun one. I most commonly wear it hematite side out, but it was originally advertised showcasing the rose gold side. Those flats are super comfortable; now I need to find the right color polish. Argh.

  • carolkarl

    Loving the new restyle of these pieces. I’m just starting to think about my spring wardrobe but it still feels way too early.

    • Liz K

      It always feels to early to think about the coming season, Carol… Until it’s too late! As I have become more intentional about planning my wardrobe, companies are holding less inventory, so now when it’s gone, it’s gone. Creating seasonal boards helps me streamline the decision process when something interesting crosses my radar. This is a HUGE struggle when shopping with/for my mom. She’s still operating on a 1950’s-80’s model in which stores carry stock, sell out and restock. Which means much frustration when she sees something and says “I’ll think about it.” and decides three months later that she wants the top… That sold out two months ago. Retailers have harnessed the power of FOMO!


    Liz, I have a denim button up shirt and I feel it’s a basic but I never ear it!! I need to ork at earing my denim items during the Fall season. I love gold on me but I also love gold and silver mixed jeelry. I’m one that’s not into high shine. Although my husband surprised me ith a pair of gold diamond cut earrings I adore! Yes, I absolutely ear gold sandals in the summer!!

    • Liz K

      If you never wear it, Natalie, it sounds like it’s not a basic for you! Just because we THINK something is a basic, doesn’t mean it is… Your new earrings sound fun and perfect to wear with your metal mixes and gold sandals!

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