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Summer Style/Restyle: Vol 8

White Jeans + White Shirt

Happy day, reader most dear!

Third time is a charm, right? It’s time for the third all white look of this Style/Restyle series, where I take an outfit from this week last year and update/restyle it for what I am wearing and how I am feeling this year. This week’s all white look has a very different vibe than the first two!

First, let’s address the scarves in summer thing. I frequently hear that it’s too hot to wear a scarf in summer. That’s depends on your personal thermostat and on the scarves you choose. Some people run hot, others less so. Some fibers are more friendly to warm weather wear. (Give me a good alliterative phrase every day!) Think natural fibers like cotton and silk. Silk? But how do you clean them? Wash them. Yes, you can wash silk scarves. Carefully, but yes. Polyester scarves? For the most part, I’ll save those for tying on my bag in the hot months. If I’m going somewhere super air-conditioned? Okay, that might work, too. Good? Let’s move on…

I expect you are thoroughly sick of these jeans by now! I am. I’ll feel differently about them after we’ve had a little break. They’re not part of the Italian Capsule Wardrobe I’m working with this month, so by September, maybe I’ll have fallen back in love with them again!

I don’t know about you, but when I tire of clothes, getting them out of the way and not seeing them for a while can make my heart grow fonder. When I leave them hanging, I feel bad about neglecting them. Out of sight and out of mind works well for me! I have found plenty of second romances with pieces I thought it was time to pass on.

Last Year’s Look

This week’s restyle was another look I did not love. THAT I do remember clearly. What’s wrong with it? The shirt doesn’t float my boat. I love the eyelet. I love the high neck. I even love the ruffled yoke. But all together? It’s too much! It now lives on the clothes rack in my office, ready to be an example to others… And a spot of white in the background! It needs to be worn with something tough, and this was NOT it. A leather skirt, maybe? Under a biker jacket?

What’s Still in My Wardrobe?

Clearly, the top is not. The jeans, pumps and scarf are all still here and were part of my summer capsule wardrobe. Ooooh. Capsule! It’s time to get seriously working on my fall capsule… I’ll be making that shift in less than two weeks! Hint: There are some changes coming, both in style AND in how I pull it together. I’m hoping it makes it easier for you to see how wardrobe building works!

The Summer 2021 Restyle

What’s behind this restyle? I like it MUCH better! This go-round I subbed in sandals for the pumps. It felt like a better option for August. I grabbed a more simple white top (found pre-loved last year) and my jeans. Rather than tying on the floral scarf with the floral sandals, I opted for the green and white polka dot. The white dots tie in with the jeans and the green with the sandals. I pondered a pile of silver bracelets with some green stone accents but decided against them, instead selecting a giant pair of silver-tone hoops. Maybe I’m channeling that Italian vibe of simple drama?

How About You?

Which white top do you prefer? Are you more of a ruffles person or keep-it-simple-ma’am type? Or maybe you don’t wear white at all? Do you like drama in your outfits or do you prefer to keep them drama free? Are scarves a thing for you? Or a thing you wish you wore but never do? (I meet a LOT of women who tell me they have lots of scarves and never wear them. Sigh. I’m imagining all these sad scarves out there shoved away in drawers waiting to be fallen in love with…) Why not pull one out today? Do let me know what you are thinking… I love to hear from you! XO

Stylishly yours,


  • Sally in St Paul

    I love the restyled look! The white with the polka dots, stripe, and floral print is great. I’m not a big fan of that ruffled blouse; it would take some work to play down the twee factor. I love scarves in all but the hottest weather, and I like how the jaunty neck scarf looks on you. I have no neck and a lot of hair, so that style looks goofy on me!

    • Liz K

      It is awfully twee! At least on me. I know people who can pull off that cool girl cool in it, but I’m not her. I just wish this scarf wasn’t poly, or I’d wear this outfit in a heartbeat! As it’s August in the South, ‘t’aint happening…

  • Jodie

    I like both blouses for different reasons. Then again I have gotten very open to all styles and have decided I can be many different people depending on what I’m wearing.
    I used to wear many scarves in the summer….when I was living in Denver. Here in AZ? Not so much, LOL But I do love them on my purses/ hats and those kinds of places.

    • Liz K

      Love that perspective, Jodie! I think of it more as different moods rather than different people. My scarves aren’t getting much wear at all this month… August is misery. #itsnottheheatitsthehumidity


    Liz, Happy Saturday!! I find I’m earing less ruffles as I age. I tend toard more classic lines ith a European tist but I still love floing skirts. I do like 50’s sparkle jeelery. I’m a big accessories earer!! I believe they make or break a outfit for me!! In the summer I go less bold but I ill ear a silver and turquoise necklace ith a hite tee and linen khaki skirt. All hite simple doesn’t fit me but I’m a Spring. I love all hite it just doesn’t love me! But give me more accessories any day!!! I pray you have a very blessed eekend!!

    • Liz K

      Happy day, to you too, Natalie! I’m like you… ALL in on the accessories, but find I’m wanting fewer of them right now. Maybe it’s just a season? Or a phase? Do we get phases? Or are those reserved for teens?

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